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Monday, October 1, 2012

This is it!

The Official week starts now! *bring it on!*

Sometimes God doesn't change your situation,
                              because He is trying to change your heart?

- I shall appreciate and do my best with the months I have here in the UK!
- I shall not complain though things aren't easy, because I should be grateful that I have the opportunity to be here and to finish up my degree.
*So no more complains Jane!*
- I shall post out pictures that made my day/means to me/represent my thoughts or feelings/inspired me for the day and the list goes on *gatto set reminders*

- went for the student active sports for Netball *I had fun!*
- finally get to sweat again, helped those who were first timers
- the coach was there to referee, guess they expect everyone to know the basics
- just too bad that I couldn't go for the next one on Wednesday because of classes
- went for tryouts just for the fun of it, and as expected I'm not in *so harm trying?*

So today my days are more about Netball, looking for the venues of my classes and watching Jane by design. If I'm not mistaken I've finished the first season and I can't wait for the next season! Random thought - being here is like starting all over again right at the beginning of a University student. And the funniest thing is that right here, it is like an opposite life in HELP? Guess it's too early to judge. I felt more like an ordinary person here, not to say that its bad but I did mention before that I wouldn't want to get myself too involved into something *is it really happening?* Besides, I'm only here for two weeks now..


wenn said...

great to join in the games esp netball..enjoy your life there smartly as you have this opportunity only once!

+Shane+ said...

Best of Luck in the UK WhiteStar. Study hard and study smartly; that's the primary and the only vital tool that you've got in life to achieve success...!