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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Time Flies

Time flies really fast here! It's Friday tomorrow!
Speaking of making a video, I wonder when.. 

- Class was an eye opener today in US Cinema class today,
my lecturer is a PHD holder and wow, he's really good at analyzing movies,
Creative way that I would never thought of *how he relates Adam and Eve*
- Netball outdoor for the first time was fun!
Wing defense all the way! *gatto learn how to defend better*
- Did laundry, irresponsible owners left their clothes cause the long line
- Roller blading wasn't that fun today *maybe because of the basketballers*
cannot blame them, I lost my confidence again *so scared of falling*
- speaking of that, if you don't fall you'll never learn..

- got my mark for my first web design 62% so low, apparently when he opened my web site, one of the page wasn't align, what to do, bad timing. It's 20% for this though..
- New fridge! Thank you! And as usual they hog up the new fridge..
well at least I have my space in the old fridge..
- in the library reading up for my upcoming assignment due on Monday was interesting in the beginning, then I was super tired that I took a really short nap, and when I woke up to continue, the computer hanged up on me, so baliks la..
- listening to Journalism podcast by my lecturer, funny *but very insightful*
- I will complain if the person above me burst their loud stereo one more time
- remember that I wanted to join the netball inter game team? Well I didn't register myself but surprisingly I'm in one of the team. Will go for it this coming Sunday and hopefully tell them that I can't commit on Sundays. Since they are short this Sunday, I'll help.

I'll be off to London tomorrow and catch up with Kirsten!
Hopefully I can find my way.

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wenn said...

that's sounds interesting! You have great lecturers there. Pay more attention to them. Surely you will learn a lot from them.

Enjoy your time in London. Take care!