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Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'll follow You

How do you react when faced with tough times? Do you allow what you perceive to be unfair to drive you to God, or do you push Him away? Why?

6th Saturday
- went for archery today! They actually have coaches for us.
I had fun! Always on target *in range* but only once near the bulls eye,
and when I thought it was fun, I came back with a bruise on my hand *it hurts*
you know when the string of the bow hits you? *swell*
as I was wondering why they would need our kin's detail, I don't have anyone here in UK, so I was curious and I Googled up on the injuries related to archery, I am speechless? Do go and check them out yourself, shall keep the suspense here *wink*
- is it a bad thing to be good? I don't care if I'm made fun of because of who I am.

Church hoping? For now, not for me..
- I know I'm placed here for a reason, especially in campus, my calling, what is my gift to be shared? We are placed in such a time as this in this campus to be the light and salt, to share His love. People need the LORD, they deserve to know the truth. Again: I will stay, use me Lord as Your vessel. And make a difference no matter where I am placed in. MAD COW forever! (making a difference, changing our world!)

7th Sunday
- woke up 5 minutes before church!
- pressured for badminton *lesson learned, don't go if you feel obliged to*
- watched Taken 2 and had Mcd *no spicy chicken mcdeluxe here*
- they walked me home *touched*
I used to be in their shoes, and I didn't expect them to do the same..

Why is it that people often ponder God when calamities take place? How can you reveal God’s loving presence to people who have faced great loss and pain?


kamban said...

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WhiteStar said...

hey there, i guess you can by following this blog by clicking the link below on the followers :)

One who pressured you to go said...

Wahahaha, "don't go if you feel obliged to" XD

wenn said...

omg..make sure you wear the protective glove when you go for archery. Never take the risk..better be safe than regret..

Nice that people walked you home..good deed begets another..keep it up!

doc said...


people say if you eat enough british beef, that's what you'll become.

only hearsay la!