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Monday, October 8, 2012

3rd week!

8th Monday
- oh so cozy morning to snuggle under my comforter because of the rain. Well you gatto wake up somehow, wonder how many times I snoozed my alarm *thankful that I have no classes on Mondays*
- Badminton then Netball *love the sweat*
- had a good conversation with Ream *one of the Cf-er*
- received an email that we all have to take an English test this Friday
- I'm feeling stressed out for no reason? Probably overwhelmed by the assignment tasks..
- "investigating" a friend's facebook timeline and blog to find out more about Hertfordshire? 

9th Tuesday
- Thoughts to be put onto words *why aren't you coming out?*
- class was good, especially the seminar session
- went Galleria
- chat with some friends back in Malaysia
- off to Aldi, Asda then Rice time *chinese roast duck rice!*
- read your text book Jane!!! Everything will be alright!

When have you felt as if you were sinking, only to find out you were really flying? Why do we feel safest when we believe we’re in control?

1 comment:

wenn said...

that's class on Mondays..
don't feel stressed..must know how to manage your time so that yr assignments can be accomplished on time.
wow..roasted duck? I thought you don't quite like duck?
The uni is there for you to explore personally..take the chance.