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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Steady My Heart

"People see what you do, but God sees your purpose of doing it"

14th Sunday
- Sunday service and bible study
- on the mission to finish up my assignment *challenging*
- I tell you, my brain is so rusty! I can't think and talk intelligently, I can't remember what I've studied. This is a big issue here! You can say, what's so hard to write, just write la, and settle! I think too much until my brain burns *psychologically scared?*
- honestly I don't feel scared at all *weird* that I have to pressure myself to sit and not move until I finish up this assignment, and look where I am now *urgh*
- why is it so hard to click with my British housemates? *you're alright?*
- why this why that *maybe its good to just stay low profile*
- my mind wonders when I'm doing my assignment *focus!*
- or I should just go back to my assignment *I'm still at peace* FASTER!!
- Lord You have steady my heart *Thank You*

Random thought - I miss my furry friends!!
                            - I should do a video! *a month in UK!*

Recap: taking pictures of myself is a no no, I took so many pictures and most of them are failed attempts! Well, at least I finally got one! *relief* Happy Birthday Again Siew Yau! The effort eh! *wink*

Update on my assignment
- I finally submitted it!! *Hallelujah*
- now web design due on Saturday and another journalism due on Monday

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wenn said...

don't takes time for you to familiarize..keep up your effort!