This Is A Story Of A Girl Who Cried A River And Drowned The Whole World!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


- Classes went well
- Went home and rest then off to ASDA and fellowship at Caryn's place
can't help much but to take pictures, had a good night..
- My big toe swell up, don't know why, but I think it'll cost pounds if I visit the doctor..
- thinking if I should get an ukulele, an instrument to relief stress, like right now all I can do is just play songs.. Sigh.. Ang mohs, why are you all so relax? Oh ya I forgot, you are all first years.. cheers

- 9 pages for a 50% assignment, 2k words!
- Help me Lord!
- dinner with dinner buddies
- skip roller blading for reading *but failed* AHHH!!
- skipped netball as well, for the leg and exhaustion *sigh*
- it's Halloween here, ignore all knocks on the window and doors..
as predicted, they celebrated Halloween here, so childish I tell you, in such a small flat how are you going to play hide and seek? I'm going to ask the accommodation officer if there's anything that can be done, like calling the security at night just to kick you all out because of the noise caused..
- other than that, I'm stressed up with this assignment..
- volunteered for a play, will be helping out next Thursday and Friday.. Looking forward to it, but at the same time, more assignments are piling up..
- I really don't want to flunk any of my papers!!
- Gosh, I really need to do something to release stress!!


Ryn said...

haha there is another caryn there? haha. so weird to see my name.. i was like. you came to my house?? haha

WhiteStar said...

HAHA! Yes! Caryn Ng :) she was from HELP as well..

wenn said...

did you hurt your big toe? better do something about it.

as for assignments, you can do it gradually so that you won't be stressful which won't do you any good.

Take care and also be happy.