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Friday, October 5, 2012

One Thing

"For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of." 

 4th Thursday 
- and when I thought my skin has already gotten used to the weather,
my skin has gotten dryer now
- went for class
- came here to learn about US movies and UK politics?
Can anyone tell me more about UK politics?
- went to the bank alone to open internet banking
- stressed up with web design, computers didn't like me
so I was left behind trying on other computers, anybody knows Dreamweaver?
guess I have a rough topic of what I want to do..
- had dinner with Alex and Jerrica *dinner buddies*
Thank God for them or else I wont be eating?
- borrowed text books, more things to read up, buck up,
will be super busy catching up on things
- guess what, we have personal tutors,
I'm under Mimi Tessier *don't know who she is*
- I talked to myself a lot these days, in my mind of course,
I have dreams almost every night

5th Friday
- bought vitamin c for coughing housemates *do take and consume them please*
- other than that, a day for Him
- oh! ABC soup later then CF! Chouz!
Update on CF - games was fun! Each individuals in each groups collect as much points as they can and rewarded toothpicks as their money. With the toothpicks we bit on the auctioning in the mid and the end of the games with random things that the committee has provided. *I got a Nutella!!*
- borrowed the guitar from James! *Yeah!*

"How does Nehemiah exemplify what it means to be salt and light in the world?
Which of his qualities do you need to work on? What will you do to begin pursuing positive change in your life?"

Heavenly Father, give us eyes to see through Satan’s false offers of life that will take us away from the true life that is found only in Your Son Jesus.

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wenn said...

that's nice of you to buy vit c for housemate..should get a cough tablet.

well, you will get used to the politics and also the new software. Just try 'help' and consult yr tutor if you have difficulties in understand those stuff.