This Is A Story Of A Girl Who Cried A River And Drowned The Whole World!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


I'm back from Budapest!
There's so many things to Thank God for!
- A soul being saved!
- Everything went well as planned, Thank God!
- Long lost letter finally received 
- now just hoping that the Greece & Budapest postcards reach its rightful owners

Though it wasn't that easy to come in back into the UK..
But here I am!

Next: Berlin & York!

Gatto start looking for a flight ticket for Berlin and back to Malaysia..

And, I saw this on one of my friend's post *ponder*
if you're gonna do something, do it for the right reasons.
if you're gonna do it for the right reasons, do it well.
if you're gonna do it well, might as well make it amazing or don't do it at all.