This Is A Story Of A Girl Who Cried A River And Drowned The Whole World!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


- Classes went well
- Went home and rest then off to ASDA and fellowship at Caryn's place
can't help much but to take pictures, had a good night..
- My big toe swell up, don't know why, but I think it'll cost pounds if I visit the doctor..
- thinking if I should get an ukulele, an instrument to relief stress, like right now all I can do is just play songs.. Sigh.. Ang mohs, why are you all so relax? Oh ya I forgot, you are all first years.. cheers

- 9 pages for a 50% assignment, 2k words!
- Help me Lord!
- dinner with dinner buddies
- skip roller blading for reading *but failed* AHHH!!
- skipped netball as well, for the leg and exhaustion *sigh*
- it's Halloween here, ignore all knocks on the window and doors..
as predicted, they celebrated Halloween here, so childish I tell you, in such a small flat how are you going to play hide and seek? I'm going to ask the accommodation officer if there's anything that can be done, like calling the security at night just to kick you all out because of the noise caused..
- other than that, I'm stressed up with this assignment..
- volunteered for a play, will be helping out next Thursday and Friday.. Looking forward to it, but at the same time, more assignments are piling up..
- I really don't want to flunk any of my papers!!
- Gosh, I really need to do something to release stress!!

Monday, October 29, 2012


Ever wondered where "omnomnom" came from?
- Cookie Monster!

- went Church halfway
- netball competition and we won!
- weather is getting really cold, don't think I would want to play outdoor anymore
- went back to church for lunch and bible study
- then dinner at Galeria with some CF-ers
had lots of fun! Maybe because I was sleepy I laughed at almost everything
especially the omnomnom dinosaur! *laughs*
- finished assignment!

- Bumming in
- Tried making half boiled eggs but failed! Over cooked..
well, better to be overcooked than undercooked right?
- 11 degrees
- Netball! Enjoyed it! I think I'm in loved with it!
I finally told coach that I can't commit on Sundays *church or netball*
should I apply for the Athletic Union? 75pounds is not cheap, but you get a hoodie for free, medical help if you're injured and you get to join the netball club..

Saturday, October 27, 2012

He is there

How much do you reflect on life goals?

- Woke up early in the morning for the first time when it's still dark
- Went to London and manage to find my way *excited*
- Meet up with Kirsten and it was a good time of catching up and visiting places along the way, but it was raining and drizzling off and on. Most importantly I had fun and it was a meaningful day! I felt like I had achieved something by traveling alone *reminded me when I first went down to KL myself*
- Made it on time for CF, we played saboteur after that *brings back memories of my fellow HELP committees*

God is there, even when His presence isn’t immediately felt.

- Archery! It was a sunny day! But the wind and the cold makes it hard to shoot, I'm glad that I didn't go out of range though *didn't shoot any bunnies or squirrel*
- that morning I saw ice on the cars and one of my seniors here said that she saw snow early in the morning. Guess winter is coming soon! Gatto get good boots! Or freeze!
- finish up assignment due for journalism!! Parliament sketch! 

When did God’s providential hand work in your life in a way that you didn’t initially see? How have you felt God’s presence recently?

p/s: 8 hours behind Malaysia now. 1 hour extra for daylight saving.. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Time Flies

Time flies really fast here! It's Friday tomorrow!
Speaking of making a video, I wonder when.. 

- Class was an eye opener today in US Cinema class today,
my lecturer is a PHD holder and wow, he's really good at analyzing movies,
Creative way that I would never thought of *how he relates Adam and Eve*
- Netball outdoor for the first time was fun!
Wing defense all the way! *gatto learn how to defend better*
- Did laundry, irresponsible owners left their clothes cause the long line
- Roller blading wasn't that fun today *maybe because of the basketballers*
cannot blame them, I lost my confidence again *so scared of falling*
- speaking of that, if you don't fall you'll never learn..

- got my mark for my first web design 62% so low, apparently when he opened my web site, one of the page wasn't align, what to do, bad timing. It's 20% for this though..
- New fridge! Thank you! And as usual they hog up the new fridge..
well at least I have my space in the old fridge..
- in the library reading up for my upcoming assignment due on Monday was interesting in the beginning, then I was super tired that I took a really short nap, and when I woke up to continue, the computer hanged up on me, so baliks la..
- listening to Journalism podcast by my lecturer, funny *but very insightful*
- I will complain if the person above me burst their loud stereo one more time
- remember that I wanted to join the netball inter game team? Well I didn't register myself but surprisingly I'm in one of the team. Will go for it this coming Sunday and hopefully tell them that I can't commit on Sundays. Since they are short this Sunday, I'll help.

I'll be off to London tomorrow and catch up with Kirsten!
Hopefully I can find my way.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bananular Phone!

Another one! *self photo taking is still hard*

Happy Selamats Hari Jadi Lisa Tan!!
I'm so glad to have you as a friend! I do pray that our friendship will maintain and grow but not wilt! All the best for your final year! We can do it! Though we're in different places but let's finish the race strongly together! Gambateh yah! Don't give up!
And remember I'll be there for you!
So paiseh la *thick face*

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Super Angry!

Wei! Who would ever put a milk in the freezer man! If you ever plan to experiment, why don't you put yours in as a specimen instead of mine? So inconsiderate! I know that the other fridge isn't working, so why don't you complain?? Anyway I went ahead of you, Thank you. This is not the first time but 3rd or 4th time, this shows that you've already reached the limit!

First, you all dirtied the kitchen, never clean up your mess, never wash your dishes, fridge filled with your things! Have you ever thought of others? You hog the whole place and if you've got no place you shift people's stuff without asking and the worst part is putting them into the spoiled fridge or the freezer! Think man! Have you got lost your mind??? *British accent* Are you going to replace all the spoiled food??

Next, you all drink and get drunk in the kitchen. Initially I didn't mind, but you all went off the limit again! Ask as much friends you like, drink and get crazy then scream and talk your lungs out in the middle of the night! I didn't mind the mess your friend did on the carpet but now its just too over! Be considerate! Hogging the kitchen or you may say it's your communal area is fun to do, I don't mind, but come on, I need to use the kitchen too you know. Please. *there are more to be written here, but the more I write the more I get angry, so I shall stop here*

Being a third year student here isn't easy.. Sigh..
I Thank God for the free sports they provided to lose out all the stresses I get here..
I'm grateful that I have a cook that cooks for us often..
I Thank God that I was reminded of being more of Him but less of me..
So I forgive you all!! But PLEASE do not repeat all of this again *if anyone of you are reading, and I doubt that* 

On a side note, I got back my 10pounds from ASDA.

Monday, October 22, 2012


The Lord is my strength and my shield, my heart trust in Him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song. 
Psalm 28:7

- It's all about sports! 
- Went for Zumba, then Netball
Zumba was fun as usual but I wonder why I got tired so fast *lack of sleep I guess*
Netball was even more interesting! Got to try different positions as GK and GS. Before that we had drills to warm up. As I was super excited I got a ball to my ring finger again. This time I knew what was going to happen because I experienced it before, so get the ice and pull it! The swell is not that bad after all but aching and still swell, can't bend.. 
 - next we went for groceries in ASDA
it's like Tesco, and my day became even more interesting when the cashier didn't have change for me and owed me 10pounds. Come to think of it, it's funny how you just close down the cashier and ignored your customer. Oh granny, I hope you all will return me my 10pounds tomorrow..
- dinner with dinner buddies!
random phone calls from a stranger in his flat *yada yada*
- super tired today! Finger & knee.. 
- shall sleeps..

- there's inter netball competition which I really want to join so badly but its on Sunday during church service, so I didn't. Maybe the next round when my finger is better or not on Sundays..

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gummi Bears!

I should catch the sunset here sometime *when it's sunny*

Yesterday was kinda of a hard day to accept though its nothing big, not that I missed my final papers or like that *hopefully not* but I finally spent quite a good long quiet solitary time with God. Thank You once again. Words could not express how I felt.

- I enjoyed today's service
it's all about sincerity in everything you do..
but sadly, not all have this in heart..
- Cepat habiskan journalism assignment!

It's good to see HELP CF-ers so united now, so closely knitted.
I'm happy to see them backing up one another but sad to say, I don't even get farewells before I leave. What to do right, when you're the one initiating everything people will just follow, and when you don't, nothing happens. BUT, now after I'm no longer in the committee, seeing people stepping up and grow makes me happy because they just know how to initiate things right now *I'm alright*

Okay! Back to my main topic!
During my childhood days I used to watch cartoons like Gummi bears, Thunder cats and Powers Rangers etc etc with my brother. After watching the video below, my goosebumps came! Funny how cartoons back then are more meaningful than the ones now..

Love the flute in the background if you realized *wink*

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Maddy was badly drunk yesterday, and Ben was with her, I'm quite worried for her, but Ben insisted that he can handle her, but you know if you know what I'm thinking, I wish I could help her..

On this very day,
what a memorable day it shall be
other than expecting my posts and pictures entitled, "Yeah Stratford Upon Avon!"
you see nothing of it but disappointments
the story? nothing big, but for me it is.

What happened?
technology failure and I really jumped out of bed with my heart rate up
how? by the hard knocks on my window
it was Alex and I missed the trip obviously
I was really in a shocked mode
and this cannot be happening
I checked my phone but it wasn't working
find my watch and it says 10am
WHAT!! Went to the window and out to the door
and my heart just sank

It happened. It really did happened. And it's happening.

HOW?? How could this happen??
All my years being so independent *not boasting*
I've never missed such an event like this!
You may ask, "WHY am I taking this seriously?"
I tell you why, "because I worked so hard on finishing my web design earlier for this trip! That's why!" I felt so disapointed and the worst part of all is....

Getting others worried for you
Calling your phone for numerous times but failed *phone battery died*
People knocking on your window *the wrong one*
Searching for you
Worrying for you and yet
I was actually sleeping soundly in another world

I. Am. Truly. Deeply. Sorry.
So so very Sorry and I can't believe it myself.
And I thought that I was in a dream, but I wasn't. 

Another friend knew what happened and offered me to follow her down to London. I said no. Guess this Saturday is just meant to be reserved for You and me. So let's catch up on things shall we *wink*

Friday, October 19, 2012

I will Run to You

18th Thursday 
- while I was so stressed up with web design, I enjoyed journalism class today..
though I know not much about UK politics but this subject is somehow interesting *tapi semasa buat assignment garu kepala la* okay okay, just gatto read and catch up on the news..
- in between my 3 hours break, went back to continue web design..
super stressed up until I don't know what to do, so I decided to listen to songs and look out from my window *if you don't know, my view outside is like a mini jungle* as I was admiring His creation, I spotted squirrels and a rabbit! *how God makes you happy with little things* guess what I did after that, I was stalking and paparazzi-ing them *surprisingly the squirrels felt someone was watching them*
- went for web design class
- then to Christian Union *another CF* see see la..
- if I'm not mistaken, his name is Matthew from America, a youth Pastor,
I liked what he shared today because it was relevant to the society in this era..
- I just finished the homepage for my web design *3 more pages to go!*

Question to reflect and ask myself:
- Are others attracted to you?
(not physically but for who you are) - Like Jesus!

19th Friday
- I FINALLY FINISHED THEM this early morning *5:30am*
- will do some last changes and I'm done! Hopefully..
- rainy day *good day to stay in*
- DONE with the changes!! *click to check it out*
- next journalism..
- enduring housemates mess in the kitchen and noise, especially when the weekend is approaching, they somehow used to be so considerate *guess their colors are already out after a month*
- well, its okay. I'll try to understand you *break the wall and bridge the gap*

If you were to know a person's darkest secret whether its their past or present, would you be judgmental and stay away or otherwise?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Month!

"This world will not change until we truly become the change God wants to see." - author of Unstoppable, Nick Vujicic


16th Tuesday
Routine - classes, seminar, ASDA, dinner with Jerrica and Alex
Alex is a good cook, all we do is wait and eat *we do the dishes*
- trying out something new: Frisbee for the first time
I don't know how to throw this thing, especially aiming it, but I enjoy catching it!  So, while I was happily catching it, I realize that, you have to pass it then *whoops* 
- It's okay! Take your time *Sorry! I'm a newbie!*

17th Wednesday
- A month in UK!
 I will TRY to get a video done, if I can *hopefully* I've got lots of stuff to be done
- let's see, I think I should fast Facebook? But most of the news and updates are there *sigh* how how? Self discipline, don't open the page until your work is done! *try la*
- my routine changed because there's no roller blading tonight..
- my neighbor is playing computer games! *I can hear them*
remember that the walls here are thin, and Don't be tempted to play Jane!
- being an anti-social? *laughs* maybe, but God has been so good that He sent random people around, instead of me talking to them first, they talked to me first..
- I shall continue to trust and obey You
- I is not likings web design, I'm so bad at it! *help!* squeeze em brain juice!

Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else. Galatians 6:4

Monday, October 15, 2012

Start of Something New!

A new week, a new day!! Make it worth it! with ZUMBA~

 and SMILES! 

- okay, my first time and it's fun! *body so stiff*
but hey, most importantly we had fun right! *love the sweat*
- I'm so excited that I wanted to try out every single sports *I could be too excited after submitting my assignment this early morning* and not forgetting another due this Saturday and coming Monday!
- guess Mondays will be my off days to sweat the stress off
- and it's banana day? My meals are just bananas *didn't do groceries yet*
- I'm excited and happy and hyper today!! *no one to laugh with*
- Netball! *finally train a little with ball handling*
over here, everyone wants to play that we take turns playing, but back in KL, we've got not enough players that some players would have to take two roles or we play half a court
*I still miss trainings in KL though* the sun! outdoor without worrying being cold except the rain..
- let's see, over here, I don't get called ah moi! *laughs*
- HELP CF-ers!! I'm missing you all! *crazy shaped family*
- Course mates! and Family!

- I learn so much things, but I didn't master even one of them
- School play pictures gone, couldn't find them
- I miss being a girl guide and rangers too!
- God showed me the video of my life a few nights ago
we tend to see all our flaws, sufferings, problems and issues but one thing that we didn't realize is His love, grace and blessings that He had provided along the way. You've been very faithful Lord! Thank You! I Love You! Sweep Me Away In Your Love~

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Steady My Heart

"People see what you do, but God sees your purpose of doing it"

14th Sunday
- Sunday service and bible study
- on the mission to finish up my assignment *challenging*
- I tell you, my brain is so rusty! I can't think and talk intelligently, I can't remember what I've studied. This is a big issue here! You can say, what's so hard to write, just write la, and settle! I think too much until my brain burns *psychologically scared?*
- honestly I don't feel scared at all *weird* that I have to pressure myself to sit and not move until I finish up this assignment, and look where I am now *urgh*
- why is it so hard to click with my British housemates? *you're alright?*
- why this why that *maybe its good to just stay low profile*
- my mind wonders when I'm doing my assignment *focus!*
- or I should just go back to my assignment *I'm still at peace* FASTER!!
- Lord You have steady my heart *Thank You*

Random thought - I miss my furry friends!!
                            - I should do a video! *a month in UK!*

Recap: taking pictures of myself is a no no, I took so many pictures and most of them are failed attempts! Well, at least I finally got one! *relief* Happy Birthday Again Siew Yau! The effort eh! *wink*

Update on my assignment
- I finally submitted it!! *Hallelujah*
- now web design due on Saturday and another journalism due on Monday

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Here before Your alter I am letting go of all I've held of every motive,
every burden everything that's of myself..

12th Friday
- IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY!! *strums me imaginary guitar*
sings *Beautiful, beautiful I am lost for more to say
           Beautiful, Oh Lord You're beautiful to me*
- went Galeria with Ley Juan and finally bought a casual shoe
- looking through the posters was so tempting, but why do I need them?
- IELTS test was okay? *aptitude test -new word*
- CF International Day! Checkered clothes! *I hads fun!*
- questions questions *what if what if*
- spontaneously randomly did something for Siew Yau's birthday, I wonder where it came from

13th Saturday
- Archery was fun! *hit myself at the elbow again, new swell*
- cooked my last maggie mee with an egg
- started my assignment with a confused mind, I'm so lost!
now I'm wondering if I should take journalism next semester *maybe not*
- Must finish up the assignment by tonight!! *GO JANE*
but I don't understand what I'm doing?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 
in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. 
Proverbs 3:5-6

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cherish everyday!

10th Wednesday
- how many times I have to remind you! SMILE JANE!! It's alright!
- hello flat residence above me, you're so super noisy!! *relax Jane*
- what is this, am I losing myself? Guess I will just rant as much as I can here..
Cherish everyday and live each day to the fullest Jane!  
- getting the hang of roller skating *Don't give up Jane*
- is it just me or the screenings are cancelled or venue changed? 
- my night just became so happy! *im emotionally unstable*

11th Thursday
- Ley Juan's arrival *first visitor*
- Dream of Dreamweaver *past present future*
- enjoyed class today!
- ate kebab and it rained today
- stop procrastinating!!

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34

Monday, October 8, 2012

3rd week!

8th Monday
- oh so cozy morning to snuggle under my comforter because of the rain. Well you gatto wake up somehow, wonder how many times I snoozed my alarm *thankful that I have no classes on Mondays*
- Badminton then Netball *love the sweat*
- had a good conversation with Ream *one of the Cf-er*
- received an email that we all have to take an English test this Friday
- I'm feeling stressed out for no reason? Probably overwhelmed by the assignment tasks..
- "investigating" a friend's facebook timeline and blog to find out more about Hertfordshire? 

9th Tuesday
- Thoughts to be put onto words *why aren't you coming out?*
- class was good, especially the seminar session
- went Galleria
- chat with some friends back in Malaysia
- off to Aldi, Asda then Rice time *chinese roast duck rice!*
- read your text book Jane!!! Everything will be alright!

When have you felt as if you were sinking, only to find out you were really flying? Why do we feel safest when we believe we’re in control?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'll follow You

How do you react when faced with tough times? Do you allow what you perceive to be unfair to drive you to God, or do you push Him away? Why?

6th Saturday
- went for archery today! They actually have coaches for us.
I had fun! Always on target *in range* but only once near the bulls eye,
and when I thought it was fun, I came back with a bruise on my hand *it hurts*
you know when the string of the bow hits you? *swell*
as I was wondering why they would need our kin's detail, I don't have anyone here in UK, so I was curious and I Googled up on the injuries related to archery, I am speechless? Do go and check them out yourself, shall keep the suspense here *wink*
- is it a bad thing to be good? I don't care if I'm made fun of because of who I am.

Church hoping? For now, not for me..
- I know I'm placed here for a reason, especially in campus, my calling, what is my gift to be shared? We are placed in such a time as this in this campus to be the light and salt, to share His love. People need the LORD, they deserve to know the truth. Again: I will stay, use me Lord as Your vessel. And make a difference no matter where I am placed in. MAD COW forever! (making a difference, changing our world!)

7th Sunday
- woke up 5 minutes before church!
- pressured for badminton *lesson learned, don't go if you feel obliged to*
- watched Taken 2 and had Mcd *no spicy chicken mcdeluxe here*
- they walked me home *touched*
I used to be in their shoes, and I didn't expect them to do the same..

Why is it that people often ponder God when calamities take place? How can you reveal God’s loving presence to people who have faced great loss and pain?

Friday, October 5, 2012

One Thing

"For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of." 

 4th Thursday 
- and when I thought my skin has already gotten used to the weather,
my skin has gotten dryer now
- went for class
- came here to learn about US movies and UK politics?
Can anyone tell me more about UK politics?
- went to the bank alone to open internet banking
- stressed up with web design, computers didn't like me
so I was left behind trying on other computers, anybody knows Dreamweaver?
guess I have a rough topic of what I want to do..
- had dinner with Alex and Jerrica *dinner buddies*
Thank God for them or else I wont be eating?
- borrowed text books, more things to read up, buck up,
will be super busy catching up on things
- guess what, we have personal tutors,
I'm under Mimi Tessier *don't know who she is*
- I talked to myself a lot these days, in my mind of course,
I have dreams almost every night

5th Friday
- bought vitamin c for coughing housemates *do take and consume them please*
- other than that, a day for Him
- oh! ABC soup later then CF! Chouz!
Update on CF - games was fun! Each individuals in each groups collect as much points as they can and rewarded toothpicks as their money. With the toothpicks we bit on the auctioning in the mid and the end of the games with random things that the committee has provided. *I got a Nutella!!*
- borrowed the guitar from James! *Yeah!*

"How does Nehemiah exemplify what it means to be salt and light in the world?
Which of his qualities do you need to work on? What will you do to begin pursuing positive change in your life?"

Heavenly Father, give us eyes to see through Satan’s false offers of life that will take us away from the true life that is found only in Your Son Jesus.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Time Out

I read this joke a month ago from a friend's status *laughs*

On the best male and female financiers in the bible:

1. Who was the greatest male financier in the Bible?
ANS: Noah. He was floating his stock while everyone else was in liquidation.

2. Who was the greatest female financier in the Bible?
ANS: Pharaoh's daughter. She went down to the Nile and drew out a little prophet.


Who owned the best motorcycle in the Bible? 
David. His Triumph could be heard across the land.

Who was the straightest man in the Bible? 
Joseph, cause Pharaoh made a ruler out of him.

Who is the fastest man in the bible? 
Adam cause he is the first in the human race.  

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hush Hush

2nd Tuesday
- first day of lecture and seminar *MCCM* aka marketing communication
- watched 'Thank you for smoking' in our seminar, how pr does their job
- just realized I have classes every morning at 9am *yeah!* more time in the day?
- did laundry, like the warmy feel after the dryer..
- went kebab for dinner had fun with some of the CF-ers
this reminded me of project Snowflake back in KL *those were the days where we invite new members out to get to know them better* or scouting maybe? 

3rd Wednesday
- 9am class, went for US Cinema: Studio System to Digital Era
- interesting subject, already had an assignment
- went for a "induction" then screening but it was cancelled without notice *so I was a little bit paranoid, cause if I've known earlier, I get to go for netball in the noon* wasted my time waiting* what's with you Jane, caught the netball bug? I actually miss netball training..
- got back home still paranoid but I felt better after listening to Irene by TobyMac.
took a nap, watched the screening online instead - 'Rebel Without A Cause'
- went roller skating for the first time! With the rain! It was fun!
oh yea I fell once and I've got no injuries *wink* still learning how to balance..
took hot shower! Back in Malaysia I've never took hot showers often but here, privilege?
- came back, Ben *my housemate* gave me his unwanted chocolate flavors *happy!* You know I love chocolates, and when you're away you won't purposely get yourself chocolates to eat *grins*

Monday, October 1, 2012

This is it!

The Official week starts now! *bring it on!*

Sometimes God doesn't change your situation,
                              because He is trying to change your heart?

- I shall appreciate and do my best with the months I have here in the UK!
- I shall not complain though things aren't easy, because I should be grateful that I have the opportunity to be here and to finish up my degree.
*So no more complains Jane!*
- I shall post out pictures that made my day/means to me/represent my thoughts or feelings/inspired me for the day and the list goes on *gatto set reminders*

- went for the student active sports for Netball *I had fun!*
- finally get to sweat again, helped those who were first timers
- the coach was there to referee, guess they expect everyone to know the basics
- just too bad that I couldn't go for the next one on Wednesday because of classes
- went for tryouts just for the fun of it, and as expected I'm not in *so harm trying?*

So today my days are more about Netball, looking for the venues of my classes and watching Jane by design. If I'm not mistaken I've finished the first season and I can't wait for the next season! Random thought - being here is like starting all over again right at the beginning of a University student. And the funniest thing is that right here, it is like an opposite life in HELP? Guess it's too early to judge. I felt more like an ordinary person here, not to say that its bad but I did mention before that I wouldn't want to get myself too involved into something *is it really happening?* Besides, I'm only here for two weeks now..