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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hush Hush

2nd Tuesday
- first day of lecture and seminar *MCCM* aka marketing communication
- watched 'Thank you for smoking' in our seminar, how pr does their job
- just realized I have classes every morning at 9am *yeah!* more time in the day?
- did laundry, like the warmy feel after the dryer..
- went kebab for dinner had fun with some of the CF-ers
this reminded me of project Snowflake back in KL *those were the days where we invite new members out to get to know them better* or scouting maybe? 

3rd Wednesday
- 9am class, went for US Cinema: Studio System to Digital Era
- interesting subject, already had an assignment
- went for a "induction" then screening but it was cancelled without notice *so I was a little bit paranoid, cause if I've known earlier, I get to go for netball in the noon* wasted my time waiting* what's with you Jane, caught the netball bug? I actually miss netball training..
- got back home still paranoid but I felt better after listening to Irene by TobyMac.
took a nap, watched the screening online instead - 'Rebel Without A Cause'
- went roller skating for the first time! With the rain! It was fun!
oh yea I fell once and I've got no injuries *wink* still learning how to balance..
took hot shower! Back in Malaysia I've never took hot showers often but here, privilege?
- came back, Ben *my housemate* gave me his unwanted chocolate flavors *happy!* You know I love chocolates, and when you're away you won't purposely get yourself chocolates to eat *grins*


wenn said...

that's nice! especially the choc! enjoy! Guess your classes will be more interesting. Make full use of it. All the best!

WhiteStar said...

It's so different from Malaysia! Hopefully I can survive, haha..

wenn said...

of you are a determined person