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Saturday, October 27, 2012

He is there

How much do you reflect on life goals?

- Woke up early in the morning for the first time when it's still dark
- Went to London and manage to find my way *excited*
- Meet up with Kirsten and it was a good time of catching up and visiting places along the way, but it was raining and drizzling off and on. Most importantly I had fun and it was a meaningful day! I felt like I had achieved something by traveling alone *reminded me when I first went down to KL myself*
- Made it on time for CF, we played saboteur after that *brings back memories of my fellow HELP committees*

God is there, even when His presence isn’t immediately felt.

- Archery! It was a sunny day! But the wind and the cold makes it hard to shoot, I'm glad that I didn't go out of range though *didn't shoot any bunnies or squirrel*
- that morning I saw ice on the cars and one of my seniors here said that she saw snow early in the morning. Guess winter is coming soon! Gatto get good boots! Or freeze!
- finish up assignment due for journalism!! Parliament sketch! 

When did God’s providential hand work in your life in a way that you didn’t initially see? How have you felt God’s presence recently?

p/s: 8 hours behind Malaysia now. 1 hour extra for daylight saving.. 

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wenn said...

winter is soon to come..better make sure you are kept warm. Go get proper shoes.