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Friday, October 19, 2012

I will Run to You

18th Thursday 
- while I was so stressed up with web design, I enjoyed journalism class today..
though I know not much about UK politics but this subject is somehow interesting *tapi semasa buat assignment garu kepala la* okay okay, just gatto read and catch up on the news..
- in between my 3 hours break, went back to continue web design..
super stressed up until I don't know what to do, so I decided to listen to songs and look out from my window *if you don't know, my view outside is like a mini jungle* as I was admiring His creation, I spotted squirrels and a rabbit! *how God makes you happy with little things* guess what I did after that, I was stalking and paparazzi-ing them *surprisingly the squirrels felt someone was watching them*
- went for web design class
- then to Christian Union *another CF* see see la..
- if I'm not mistaken, his name is Matthew from America, a youth Pastor,
I liked what he shared today because it was relevant to the society in this era..
- I just finished the homepage for my web design *3 more pages to go!*

Question to reflect and ask myself:
- Are others attracted to you?
(not physically but for who you are) - Like Jesus!

19th Friday
- I FINALLY FINISHED THEM this early morning *5:30am*
- will do some last changes and I'm done! Hopefully..
- rainy day *good day to stay in*
- DONE with the changes!! *click to check it out*
- next journalism..
- enduring housemates mess in the kitchen and noise, especially when the weekend is approaching, they somehow used to be so considerate *guess their colors are already out after a month*
- well, its okay. I'll try to understand you *break the wall and bridge the gap*

If you were to know a person's darkest secret whether its their past or present, would you be judgmental and stay away or otherwise?


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well done..congrats!

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