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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gummi Bears!

I should catch the sunset here sometime *when it's sunny*

Yesterday was kinda of a hard day to accept though its nothing big, not that I missed my final papers or like that *hopefully not* but I finally spent quite a good long quiet solitary time with God. Thank You once again. Words could not express how I felt.

- I enjoyed today's service
it's all about sincerity in everything you do..
but sadly, not all have this in heart..
- Cepat habiskan journalism assignment!

It's good to see HELP CF-ers so united now, so closely knitted.
I'm happy to see them backing up one another but sad to say, I don't even get farewells before I leave. What to do right, when you're the one initiating everything people will just follow, and when you don't, nothing happens. BUT, now after I'm no longer in the committee, seeing people stepping up and grow makes me happy because they just know how to initiate things right now *I'm alright*

Okay! Back to my main topic!
During my childhood days I used to watch cartoons like Gummi bears, Thunder cats and Powers Rangers etc etc with my brother. After watching the video below, my goosebumps came! Funny how cartoons back then are more meaningful than the ones now..

Love the flute in the background if you realized *wink*


wenn said...

invest in a good alarm clock..make sure you don't miss yr paper. Maybe you can ask one of your friends to give you a wake-up call just in case.

wenn said...

well, you are a great leader. When you are not there, someone else has to lead. Hopefully they will give you a welcoming back next year..