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Monday, October 15, 2012

Start of Something New!

A new week, a new day!! Make it worth it! with ZUMBA~

 and SMILES! 

- okay, my first time and it's fun! *body so stiff*
but hey, most importantly we had fun right! *love the sweat*
- I'm so excited that I wanted to try out every single sports *I could be too excited after submitting my assignment this early morning* and not forgetting another due this Saturday and coming Monday!
- guess Mondays will be my off days to sweat the stress off
- and it's banana day? My meals are just bananas *didn't do groceries yet*
- I'm excited and happy and hyper today!! *no one to laugh with*
- Netball! *finally train a little with ball handling*
over here, everyone wants to play that we take turns playing, but back in KL, we've got not enough players that some players would have to take two roles or we play half a court
*I still miss trainings in KL though* the sun! outdoor without worrying being cold except the rain..
- let's see, over here, I don't get called ah moi! *laughs*
- HELP CF-ers!! I'm missing you all! *crazy shaped family*
- Course mates! and Family!

- I learn so much things, but I didn't master even one of them
- School play pictures gone, couldn't find them
- I miss being a girl guide and rangers too!
- God showed me the video of my life a few nights ago
we tend to see all our flaws, sufferings, problems and issues but one thing that we didn't realize is His love, grace and blessings that He had provided along the way. You've been very faithful Lord! Thank You! I Love You! Sweep Me Away In Your Love~

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wenn said...

it's good to exercise there..keep yourself healthy. Wah, you are there almost a month! Stay happy!