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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Super Angry!

Wei! Who would ever put a milk in the freezer man! If you ever plan to experiment, why don't you put yours in as a specimen instead of mine? So inconsiderate! I know that the other fridge isn't working, so why don't you complain?? Anyway I went ahead of you, Thank you. This is not the first time but 3rd or 4th time, this shows that you've already reached the limit!

First, you all dirtied the kitchen, never clean up your mess, never wash your dishes, fridge filled with your things! Have you ever thought of others? You hog the whole place and if you've got no place you shift people's stuff without asking and the worst part is putting them into the spoiled fridge or the freezer! Think man! Have you got lost your mind??? *British accent* Are you going to replace all the spoiled food??

Next, you all drink and get drunk in the kitchen. Initially I didn't mind, but you all went off the limit again! Ask as much friends you like, drink and get crazy then scream and talk your lungs out in the middle of the night! I didn't mind the mess your friend did on the carpet but now its just too over! Be considerate! Hogging the kitchen or you may say it's your communal area is fun to do, I don't mind, but come on, I need to use the kitchen too you know. Please. *there are more to be written here, but the more I write the more I get angry, so I shall stop here*

Being a third year student here isn't easy.. Sigh..
I Thank God for the free sports they provided to lose out all the stresses I get here..
I'm grateful that I have a cook that cooks for us often..
I Thank God that I was reminded of being more of Him but less of me..
So I forgive you all!! But PLEASE do not repeat all of this again *if anyone of you are reading, and I doubt that* 

On a side note, I got back my 10pounds from ASDA.

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wenn said...

well, maybe you can ask for another room somewhere? But I doubt so. But don't bother the drunkard. They might become not sober. Be careful. Lock your door. Maybe you can complain too. But they might revenge too. Very difficult situation. Try to talk maybe when they are sober. Be patient.