This Is A Story Of A Girl Who Cried A River And Drowned The Whole World!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Maddy was badly drunk yesterday, and Ben was with her, I'm quite worried for her, but Ben insisted that he can handle her, but you know if you know what I'm thinking, I wish I could help her..

On this very day,
what a memorable day it shall be
other than expecting my posts and pictures entitled, "Yeah Stratford Upon Avon!"
you see nothing of it but disappointments
the story? nothing big, but for me it is.

What happened?
technology failure and I really jumped out of bed with my heart rate up
how? by the hard knocks on my window
it was Alex and I missed the trip obviously
I was really in a shocked mode
and this cannot be happening
I checked my phone but it wasn't working
find my watch and it says 10am
WHAT!! Went to the window and out to the door
and my heart just sank

It happened. It really did happened. And it's happening.

HOW?? How could this happen??
All my years being so independent *not boasting*
I've never missed such an event like this!
You may ask, "WHY am I taking this seriously?"
I tell you why, "because I worked so hard on finishing my web design earlier for this trip! That's why!" I felt so disapointed and the worst part of all is....

Getting others worried for you
Calling your phone for numerous times but failed *phone battery died*
People knocking on your window *the wrong one*
Searching for you
Worrying for you and yet
I was actually sleeping soundly in another world

I. Am. Truly. Deeply. Sorry.
So so very Sorry and I can't believe it myself.
And I thought that I was in a dream, but I wasn't. 

Another friend knew what happened and offered me to follow her down to London. I said no. Guess this Saturday is just meant to be reserved for You and me. So let's catch up on things shall we *wink*

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wenn said...

oh goodness..never mind. You can still go some other time.