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Friday, November 2, 2012


Found out that Rushilan (Malaysian flatmate) is smoking, not sure if he pick it up here or he had already been smoking back in Malaysia. Sometimes seeing people smoke especially students, makes me sad. Especially without their parents knowing (of course right, who would). Just imagine their parents boasting and telling their relatives and friends that their kids are studying abroad, missing them, what course they're studying and then people start complementing you. But on the other side, look what you're doing. What if they found out? Sad isn't it. Well, you can't discriminate them, but to love them and hate their actions/sins.

- sun start setting at 4pm, so by 5pm it is already dark
- I SAW A HEDGEHOG!! *my day is lifted up!* SO CUTE!! It sniffs like a dog! When I was approaching closer to snap a close up picture of it, I didn't realized that hedgehog was in its defense mode. No wonder it was so still. So when I put my camera away, I saw its spines standing up ready to poke me if I were to attack it *you can actually hear the spines standing up!*
- went to get my letters from the office *so cold!*
got my giffgaff number! more letters from the bank, and the funny thing is that I got a cheque book as well, and I don't even know how to use it *laughs*
- made an appointment with the Doctor tomorrow
- reading British politics for dummies

- adobe flash??? What's that??
- went to see the doctor/nurse and I Thank God for the good news, nothing's wrong with my toe, it is just an irritation from the new nail that was growing. So I'm good to go for sports! *happy!*
- got a free tshirt and hoodie from the points I've collected during active student sports
- It's Becky's 21st Birthday! (British flatmate) for the first time, the kitchen is SO CLEAN and decorated. We'll see the after party after place.
- back to journalism..

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wenn said...

good news from the doc..anyway, take care. Well, we can't do much to our malaysian friend. Just make sure you continue studying smart for yr degree and hope you get flying colors. All the best!

it's great to see so many new animals back at yr place! keep posting!