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Monday, November 12, 2012


"Hey! How are you? I am missing you! So do all of us here! Hope you are doing well, take care."

" Hey there! I'm doing pretty good I must say, and of course there are ups and downs. But I'm good. I miss you all as well! Really. Most and some of the things that I do, often reminded me of the things that we did together. Like the inside joke and our minds that think alike. Here, I'll just laugh to myself. Not to make myself sound so sad or anything, it's a good way of reminding me how each one of you have a very special place in my heart. I really do appreciate those who have taken the time to keep in touch through Whatsapp, Skype and Facebook messages. Though sometimes I may take awhile to reply, I'm so Sorry.

Just to share some of the events that happened recently. I volunteered myself in the school's heritage play and gotten the role as a dead soldier. Well, it was an experience getting to act with professional actors and actresses. Listening to their experiences broaden up my view as well. If you have been keeping up with my Twitter or Facebook status, I had make up on with beard and pale face. Not nice to be seen I think, so during the break I went off to my new friend found place, cuz where else can we go with the make up on our face. During the 2 hours at her place was a little bit tormenting. People were blasting rock music out loud, smoking, drinking and weeding. Gosh, I will never ever go to a stranger's home next time, at least get to know that person better. But no doubt they were actually great people, just the sin that puts me off.

Other than that, inspection week was last week. Boy I tell you, the kitchen was finally clean and clear. Sadly, after the inspection, everything was in a mess again. How I wish inspection was done in a weekly basis. Good for me but sad for them. Oh, I took out the rubbish the other day. I can tell you that British (not all but my flatmates) don't really know how to differentiate what can be recycled and what not. And, they have got lots of food waste. I can go really long regarding this but I shall pass.

Lastly, I've been trying to get myself involve in events like carols, sports, Christmas events, church camps and any events. Well some is confirmed and I don't know why I'm trying to make myself busy though I've got lots of assignments to be done. Guess it's just me. I miss HELP though. But I really do like it here as well. Free sports! And getting to try out new sports! I have my weekly routine of sports too! A really good way to release stress and meeting new people.

So I guess that's all. Really looking forward on reading your side as well. Take care! God bless *smiles*"

p/s: my wisdom tooth is finally growing out!

When we’re hurting, the most important thing we need is connection with others. As we learn to let them come close enough to see our pain and offer comfort, they can then help carry our burdens (Galatians 6:2).

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wenn said...

it's good to be no time, you would realise that time really flies! most importantly, you are happy being there.