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Monday, November 5, 2012

Be Thankful

Assignments? Work? Exams? Issues? Problems?
We all know and somehow have experienced or have faced all these before, and not forgetting most are facing all the above. But one thing that we didn't see and realize, is to be Thankful.
How many get the chance to actually get into a university to study? To get an education in school? Get a work to make ends meet? But yet, we complain of waking up early in the morning for classes and work. Why don't we take all this frowns and stresses into a blessing in disguise? And be Thankful for what we have. A shelter above our head, food and drinks on our table and in our fridge. Money in our pockets. No matter what you're facing now, no matter how hard the situation is, remember you have people around you that cares for you and love you. So appreciate and be thankful for everything and everyone including yourself. Stop comparing and cherish your life to the fullest!

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wenn said...

true, cherish our lives and be thankful in whatever situation we are in now. Love ourselves and love others too..