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Thursday, September 20, 2012

So far so good?

18th Tuesday
- reached Heathrow airport
- took a bus to Herforshire
- Thank God for a student who was on his way there as well
- Thank God for friends who helped us with my super heavy luggage & places to go
- got everything done (register, accommodation key, fees etc)
- went for freshies game night

19th Wednesday
- induction
- campus is really huge! lots of walking *me like*
- registered for medical services
- learning more things about Herfordshire
- went to Tesco extra
- no stray dogs and cats so far but!
- there are many hares around! *shall hunt them down if im desperate* neh..
- OH OH!! I saw a porcupine just now!! SO CUTE!!
- went for freshies Barn Night (super fun!) *get to dance after for so long*
- finally get to sweat in UK, met lots of people and
- getting use to the environment and the life here?

- do i really have to conform and speak their accent?
- when can I join CF!! WHERE ARE YOU???!
- sports!
- missing friends over in Malaysia..


Ryn said...

here are a list of some CFs that u can choose from. Not sure which one suits you, but choose wisely. Some is a lil' urmss.... like not right like dat. But whatever it is, pray for the right one :)

wenn said...

everything will slowly fit in right..just enjoy the flow and you will love the life in a foreign uni. Just be smart and take care..