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Sunday, September 23, 2012

After 5 days

20th Thursday
- Induction, mom left, no more company
- cute cops *really*
- tour around de Havilland
- went to Aldi *groceries*
- Film night, Cabin in the woods & The Help

21st Friday
- last induction
- information fair *Barclays or Llyods?* undecided!
- played badminton
- saw the netball team board, all super tall and at the first glance I thought they were cheerleaders *as in the way they pose in their photo shoot*
- disco night, didn't realize that it was my first time in a club? I don't think I belong there, seeing how people get drunk and wasted, left early

22nd Saturday
- morning started with a grumpy old bus driver
*he was in a bad mood I guess, first time seeing an angry rude ang moh*
- went to St Albans
- nice town, went to see the Cathedral church *didn't get to go inside*
- nice park, bought a thicker jacket for 15pounds
- ate chips for lunch 1.5pounds *expensive*
- went bbq for free food *its not what you think it is*
we have to queue up for so long just to get a beef burger/hot dog
- went to Aldi *groceries*
- came back with super loud noises/screams *ang mohs are here*
- two of my new housemates greeted me *James and Ben*
that makes the four of us including Rozalin, I wonder if the other 2 are girls?

London Trip tomorrow!

Found out:
- Fellowship is on every Fridays (7pm)
- Church service on Sunday (10am) *in campus*
- there are other CF as well, will pay each one a visit..

- not easy to make friends here
- its good that I don't look like my age *wink*
- I don't want to grow horizontally
- love my quiet time
- still unsure which bank to open an account with *help!*

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wenn said...

oh goodness..another two boys. Hope the others are girls. Make sure you lock your room every time. Can't trust anyone..