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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Week!

Unclaimed bag?
- I'm still keeping a stranger's luggage up till today! *two huge ones*
(the guy I met in the airport's bus station)

23rd Sunday
- London trip *rainy day, super cold*
after awhile your body adapts to it *got the oyster card*
- we went to China town and got Maggie mee! *my dinner*

- I've got a physiotherapist in ma house yo!
so as predicted, 2 other girls, named Maddy and Becky if I'm right
- The kitchen cupboards are already filled with their foods and utensils
I should have booked one of the cupboards earlier, maybe that's the reason why international students come a week earlier? Oh! by looking at their rooms, they practically brought their whole house in! *I didn't peek but I went to say Hi and saw, a moose head?*
- Ben is 19 doing engineering and James is 18 composer *musician in the house yo, tempted to borrow his guitar* gosh I'm old!
- Becky is 21 forgot what she's doing, Maddy is the physiotherapist! *not sure about her age*

24th Monday
- Officially a week here
- rainy day, 13°C
- 4 pence richer
- personal stuff day?  *ta!*

- remember that its lunch time for us in UK when you're having dinner in Malaysia
- ask for my address if you want to send me anything
- NOT, shall not post pictures to tempt me! *chilli pan mee*
- Skype with me? *we gatto plan*

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wenn said...

well, all the cupboards don't look good inside at all..but can be used..never mind just squeeze in your stuff.