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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


They say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. True?

Daddy: *comes home with a BIG smile on his face*
Wah, going UK soon ah *he gave me a kiss, felt a lil bit kekok*
Go UK must travel before you come back *I wonder how many times people have to tell me this* must take care, don't let people cheat you, etc etc etc etc..

I've got only a few days left *sounded like I'm dying, no I'm not* and I can see that.. Wait, yes I should wait.. I'll definitely miss people, yea humans, my dogs and hamsters too. And NO! Those who have asked me if I would forget them when I'm away, I won't! But, will you?

Me: Mama, can I bring me guitar along?

Mom: No need la, so ma fan..

Me: But why??????? I will be so lonely in the room..

Mom: No need la, you go out play games and join clubs la..

Me: But I wanttttttt..

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Juan said...

U can always get a guitar over there. Get a second hand 1 or...? U can sell it away so u don't to bring it back. If you bring over from Msia, u got to bring it back again next year.
Enjoy your days there, don't stay in the room!!! Go out, experience things, matters, people~~~ GO~~~