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Friday, September 28, 2012

An Otter

28th Friday
I have always looked forward to Fridays because of CF. Not forgetting Sundays as well! and finally!!
- my first day in CF feels like home! Love it! As usual there is this particular weird one *laughs* just love the homey closey knitted family from the same family of God. We did a personality test and I'm an otter! Most of it are true, not all *Weakness: high energy can manipulate others* true?
- came back with an unexpected vomit on the carpet
its ball night for freshers, everyone are all dressed up and drunk even before the ball started..
As I have mentioned before, I have considerate housemates, they said sorry and explained everything, and the vomit was from one of their drunken friend. But I'm okay with it if you say sorry *the magic word* that's one of the reason why I love my housemates.. 

- about afternoon, freshers' fair
- 6pence richer
- had good lunch at Galeria a shopping mall,
a movie ticket is 7pounds here *mahal eh*
- bought gloves
- had a good walk, company to and fro..
- you don't realize that you're dehydrated here,
so just drink as much water as you can
- getting used to the paip water and the coins
- you have to keep putting on moisturizer to keep moisturize
- looking forward to Monday, feeling anxious
- I'm happy to see HELP CF growing and being so united after the camp
check out their video! *CUTE PUPPIES*

and I would like to conclude my day with this song;

I love this family of God
So closely knitted into one
They've taken me into their hearts
And I'm so glad to be a part
Of this great family.

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wenn said...

vomited on the carpet? which part of the house?