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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Confirm confirmed?

If you're reading this Thank you! And if you're not Thank you!

I'm SO Super Sorry if if didn't tell you, I just felt that I don't have to? Time will pass and I will eventually be back in Malaysia if I'm still alive *wink*

So if you would like to see me or offer me free hugs/prayer/kisses/gifts/help/whacks before I go:

THE DAY is on the 17th September 2012.
I will leave from Ipoh by YOYO bus, at 11am - fellow Ipohians that I didn't get to meet/see can meet/see me there or watch me leave, or follow me over *bus tickets not sponsored*

KLIA - will reach around 3pm *we can still catch up on things if you're free*
Flight departing at: 1930

psstt.. I heard that on the 17th is a public holiday, yes?
So.. All the more you should be there! *grins*

Thank you!


1 comment:

Juan said...

So that is your reasoning, but at least i seen you the other day =P
Please take care of yourself and I will see you very soon. God bless you!