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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Psalm 139

The beats of Oppa Gangnam style above my flat on replay non-stop *faints* 2 nights

25th Tuesday
- went to get a bank account, gatto wait for another week
- bought stamps for 87pence each *super mahal eh*
- lots of walking today *beautiful weather*
- got to know my housemates better,
other than chips, they love pastas, love seeing them so united and friendly..
Becky is going to be a kinder garden teacher, James offered his guitar and told me that I can get from him anytime I want *that's cool!* I think he's the youngest in our house, funny guy, and he says that he's going to get homesick next week *there there* Ben was super tired after classes today and Maddy has a skeleton in her room! *cool! it has socks on as well* and apparently the moose in her room was a gift from her parents *a tradition to those who leave their home for studies*
- the 2 huge luggage was finally claimed!! *more space to stretch*
- I failed making my poor man's food? *will try again*
- have you seen a frozen egg before? *laughs*
- don't you just love free food?

The cold breezy air blowing against my face *chilly*

The weird smell in the kitchen *beer? spoiled food?*

Feeling secure when my housemates are home at night *noise, alive*
(don't mind them being away in the afternoon)

26th Wednesday
- saw a few pence on the floor, wanted to pick it up *desperate*
for them its nothing like 10cents in Malaysia..
- went to see the sports club *interesting, but you have to pay to join*
should I should I? I'll just go for tryouts for fun..
- ate wasabi without realizing *gosh how it goes through your nose! its in the mustard!*
- tried the poor man's food *it is okay but not preferable on a daily basis*
- skyped with mummy! They've got lots of moon cakes! *send them over anyone!*
- is going to the forum (club) is the only way to mix around and meet new friends? Or drinking?
- someone knocked on my window again

Most quoted!
- Look! Free food!
- Super cold!
- The sun is up!

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wenn said...

better lock your window when you are not around.