This Is A Story Of A Girl Who Cried A River And Drowned The Whole World!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

One of "those"

When I was about to post the happy events that happened last Saturday, I fell sick instead..
What happened?

On Monday afternoon.
She woke up around 1 something feeling normal, 
posted on Caryn's wall and ended up being called a horse-pig..

Then she felt weird, 
you know the feeling when you're about to fall sick,
so she quickly drank mom's food supplement and rested..
Woke up feeling better but fever came back,
so she decided to take panadol without realizing her stomach was still empty..

Slept until 6 something,
Qien messaged that she got lost,
replied, feeling better and off they went for Steamboat! *excited* but not for long

Reached- eat and eat! went second round!
Suddenly, she felt weird and stopped and gave Qien her leftovers..
Felt so uneasy, felt like vomiting but hoping that it wouldn't happen BUT
decided to go- while walking halfway she started seeing stars *fainting in progress*

Reached the toilet,
nothing is coming out *sees more stars*
she started praying, *Thank God for the strength* didn't faint!
came out because somebody wants to use the toilet,
went to wash her hands then she thinks that IT was going to come out soon
BUT the girls toilet was occupied,
terpaksa masuk guys toilet, said sorry to a lady *i wonder why cuz she's not a guy*

Then IT all came out- all the food she just ate, wasted..
dislike the few seconds of not being able to breath too!
in the process of it, she got lots of cold sweats all over!
felt better, came out guys were waiting *too numb to feel shy*
washed hands and went back to the table..

Qien thought she had diarrhea but it was the other way round,
then PHASE 2 came, quickly went to the toilet, 
and while she was on the way she started seeing stars again..
Prayed non stop and Thank God she didn't faint in the toilet,
came out, couldn't even see the pathway clearly,
cold sweat all over, *still seeing stars*
walked slowly to the table *bad condition*

Qien asked if she's okay cuz she looked so pale,
-I felt so bad that they had to leave early because of me *why?!*
troubled Qien so much, she went to get 100plus, bread and eno and she doesn't want to accept the steamboat's money plus everything!

while I was in the car with all those cold sweats and intense pain *I felt like dying*
the long minutes which turns into hours because of the intense pain, I just felt like giving up and just die..

BUT I didn't die, that's why you're reading my crappy story,
sorry if i bore you..

I have never expected myself to trouble so many people this year!
Will list them down on the next post, this post is getting really long
BUT i must say,
the glimpse of half fainting/awake not realizing what was going on but knew what was going on and seeing Qien so worried made me think a lot that night..


Caryn said...

aiyoyoyoyoyo.. that's not called troubling others. It's knowing that you can count on the people around u. You are but only a small part of the body of Christ... a small piece of a jigsaw puzzle.. we need each other =)

Eunice said...

totally agree with caryn !!! =) and gosh, you must have had a really tough night.. thank God for qien and thank God for the strength He gave you to go through it... take good care of yourself, shepherd !!!