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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Loving the sunny days..
Except today was a lil bit dark without the sun,
but I had fun playing netball outdoor today! 
Sprained me right finger after for so long!*swelling*
But it is worth it! I get to try so many different positions and realize that I'm actually okay with attacking as well, not only defending *smiles*

I finally cooked after for so long!
Just simple noodles with an egg, mushrooms and bacon,
surprisingly it wasn't bad *pats on own shoulder*
So I decided to eat healthy and cook more often and not replace snacks as my main meals starting today! Shall not store up chocolates and biscuits anymore but real food..

Something interesting that I found out today:
- cucumbers have negative calories!
Meaning it has got no calories but burn more calories! *light bulb*

Okay okay,
Sorry for not updating for so long,
I have fun in bible study today, though today was more on the catching up and fellowship-ing side, not forgetting feasting as well! Thank You Lord!

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wenn said...

great! so now you can cook on your own instead of eating out or snacking too much. Try to cook some rice and vegetables.