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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In Your Presence

Updates on fasting:
- Fasting Facebook and Twitter changed and helped me see how much more time I could spend with those precious time wasted (I do still check once a week, or more if I need to check on my family updates, important news and friends)
- Fasting lunch for the past few days (started on Monday) is not easy especially when sports is involved (so tiring!)
- but it has disciplined me to eat proper meal so far during dinner and breakfast
- drawing closer and closer into Him
Even though it wasn't easy because trials and challenges will come with it, but without them we can't depend and draw ourselves nearer to Him.

Things to Thank God for today!
- Caryn finally received her package!
- Snow!!
It wasn't supposed to but with the unpredictable weather taadaaa~!
- the SUN!! *it's a beautiful day*
- Presentation went well!!
THANK YOU LORD!! I was so nervous with my group mates but everything went smoothly!! ALL PRAISES AND GLORY TO YOU ALONE LORD!!!

Things to add, I really really Thank God for allowing me to feel and rest in His presence once again, I'm beginning and relearning to submit and to fully surrender unto Him all my problems because He is in control. It's time to move on in every situation.


wenn said...

yes, eat proper meals to keep you healthy!

Caryn said...

Thank u =')