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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mission in Disguise

I'm back from my very first mission trip in my life!
Even tough it was just two days one night trip,
God have revealed so much to me even at the beginning of the journey to Birmingham.

So we traveled to Birmingham, Don caster(for the night), Newcastle/Sunderland and Leeds. I don't know why ever since I came back from my Taiwan trip, I picked up motion sickness and since then I had to suffer every long journey on the roads and sometimes in a shaky flight.

But I really Thank God on how He revealed so much that I myself didn't realize that I have been blinded and I'm beginning to see my full purpose of being here. Everything starts to click and I am beginning to see the connection and the vision that I have once questioned.

After being so encouraged, refilled, rejuvenated and re-connected back to God,
I decided to challenge myself even more by fasting lunch starting tomorrow and full fast on every Fridays and Saturdays. I know it is not going to be easy but with God and His sufficient grace, mercy and never ending strength, I should suffice until the end of March.

Thank You once again for the full 'rest' that You have given me.

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wenn said...

full fast? meaning you not eating at all on those days?
Maybe just fast for a few hours would suffice.