This Is A Story Of A Girl Who Cried A River And Drowned The Whole World!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Morning Saturday!
I was so tired after a busy week!
*assignments, work, presentations non-stop*
I was so tempted to skip, then I asked myself if I should go, but there's no bus to wisma block unless I take the rapid bus. So yea, I think I should go.
I'm a good student! *wink*

*I woke up in the morning feeling so sleepy, 
before I leave I brush my teeth and still hesitating*

When i reached the bus stop, got to know a new HELP-ian! *Freeshie from Sabah*
Went up to class,
the room was empty *bad feeling*
and my lecturer was there all alone..
So, it is a one on one student lecturer class, good eh, it's a privilege! *right?*

At one point I thought my lecturer was crying, then I asked if he had flu *haha*
and he said yes *phew* lucky! Thank God he wasn't sulking or emo-ing..

Class ended at 9.30am and we chat a little,
gave him a biscuit because he hasn't had his breakfast yet.
Then he told me that he couldn't understand why students skip classes.*well*

My thoughts
- I didn't regret going class
- if i didn't go, I would either still be sleeping right now or probably just woke up
- bumped into Jenny and had Subway with her *she left earlier*
- I have more time! Did my laundry and my time with Him!

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