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Friday, October 21, 2011

Behind Everything

To sum up my week!

Good things that happened;
- Thank God for caring people!
- went for X-ray and my ankle is okay!
* would like to elaborate more*
I realize that I wrote in my schedule, if my ankle pain persist, I will take an X-ray. This was on Tuesday, and the very next day I received a message from my Pastor, asking if she could bring me to the hospital to check. I didn't realize this until I look back on my daily reflections!! I was so AMAZE! Thank God for a caring Pastor! and I really do admire people with a servant heart! Including Dr Low!

- i my bible study group!
- had ICE-CREAM!
- S.A.D Day brighten up my day!!
*Staff Appreciation Day*
The feeling of appreciating and experiencing people being appreciated made me happy! By looking at their faces just Wow-ed me. We gave 2 packs of coffee and a note in a plastic, it is something small but touched life! *happy*

Bad things that happened;
- last minute assignments
- last minute work
- sleepless nights
- nothing else to write
*or maybe i didn't write them in during my reflections*
haha! Rejoice in the Lord always! Philippians 4:4

All in all, if you take the time to reflect your daily life, there are more happier things in life than sad things. People tend to forget happy moments but grief even more when it is only one problem. So learn to notice good things that happened in your life, forget and forgive things that hurt you.

Lastly, I was rewarded with panda eyes! *laugh*

Random- Just now I had hello panda with panda eyes!

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