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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rainy yet


Have you ever skipped classes before just because people are skipping?
Let me tell you, don't get pressured and influence but go! Do Not Skip!
You will never miss out on anything and there is no harm going to classes.

I have always been in this situation since primary until now.
and I am proud to say that I will stand firm on my principles *smile*
Why waste parents money by skipping classes?

So, you must be wondering why these pictures?
If you haven't watch this movie you should! It has inspired and encouraged me!

Today, I was the first to reach class again
*thought I was going to be the only student again*
We are supposed to share about the movie that we're reviewing,
I chose Soul Surfer, that explains the picture.
So while I was screening the important parts, more students came in.

What happened next?

I really Thank God that this movie impacted the students and surprisingly the lecturer as well!
Then he said he was going to screen this movie next Wednesday!
*so excited that this movie is going to impact other students as well*

My thoughts:
- Never felt so encouraged again after watching this movie.
- Was reminded that it is not about the name, winning, competition in life.
(in this modern world, competition is so high that everyone wants to be on top)
But are you loving what you are doing? 
Ever pause and think why are you doing what you are doing now?
- Enjoy what you love to do. *including studies*

But I missed out in blessing the campus students by paying their parking ticket..
On the bright side;
I get to bless course mates and my lecturer in Film class!

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blee said...

well done, my girl!