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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why Complain?

Stop and think (not stare), I think you're moving but you go no where..

Nowadays, if you realize.
Most of us just love to complain and nothing gets done.


The worst part is, MOST guys complain more than girls! What's going on?!

What have happened to the new generation?
Not to say guys don't have the right to complain but they are over doing it than girls!

They complain about parking and walking. Not getting any good treatment, don't like sweating and they are MORE HEALTH CONSCIOUS THAN GIRLS! *laughs*

Sad to say, but there are lesser gentlemen now.
Guys are actually becoming more like girls.

Girls this generation are more independent, brave and confident. AND, we don't complain that much. *smiles*

So, stop and think before you say something. I'm not saying that it's wrong to share out your problems. Think positive! Everything can be solve! No point emo-ing and complaining about them. JUST THINK AND SOLVE THEM!

P/S: Nothing is impossible with God. *grins*


wenn said...

Complain but do something about it. Don't just sit on it.

reanaclaire said...

Right!! We humans are never contented and satisfied, i guess.. and will never be unless we put a stop to it and remind us these words... good info..