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Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Twist

Driving Dreams? Well, Not Mine.

What really happened..

I went for its open day to get more details on the 18 July.

My first impression, I love the place!

Told Mr X my results and everything, he said 'okay' and I'm qualified.

By the way, Mr X is one of the counselors there.

Got the information I needed, I told him I can't confirm now because I'm still waiting for public Uni, then he told me to email him my results etc and give him a call if I've already confirmed. He also said that it takes around one or two weeks to approve because in Perth they're having their breaks.

Did what he told me to, I sent Him my results etc

Results came out, I didn't get into public Uni.
So I called him immediately to confirmed and I asked him if he had received my email I sent, then he was like oh when did you send it? I replied, yesterday, and the shocking part was when he asked me what date is it.

I somehow felt uneasy but I just thought to myself, oh well this guy must be very busy, so I just hang on and replied him patiently. He was looking through his mail, then he finally found it and say 'okay! everything is here, I'll make a call to the office and send your particulars there.

I was very excited at first and I really can't wait to start.

After waiting for almost two weeks. Mom asked me to call.

Sj: Hello, Mr X sj here, I would like to ask if they have already approved me.

Mr X: sj? Did you send me your particulars?

Sj; yea, I emailed to you last two weeks, and you said okay

Mr X: wait ar, (his background I heard him flipping files/pages looking for my documents I wrote on that Sunday) *in his voice I can sense that something was wrong, he was panicking. I just waited patiently.*

What's your name again? Then he said Ah! I found it, when did you send me your email? (He was looking in his inbox, scrolling). The administrators likes to do things slow wan, take their time so long, actually you're already confirm accepted, is your computer with you?

Sj: yea

Mr X: can you send me your particulars again?

Sj: but it's not on (I quickly on the computer)

Mr X: I'll call you back later.

After a few minutes. My phone rang.

Mr X: Sj ar sorry, you couldn't take mass comm because we don't accept Pengajian am, which means you only have one pass and a subside excluding PA. Maybe you can take business.

Honestly I don't feel sad at all, I asked him why, then he said it's their rule.

Suddenly, I remembered in the first place he told me yes I'm eligible to and WHY can't you tell me earlier, WHY do you have to make me wait and tell me lies that the people there are not doing their work properly when you are one of them doing work reluctantly and irresponsible. IF you would have told me earlier that I'm not eligible, I would have signed up somewhere else and WHY can't you just tell me right and then, so I don't have to waste my time waiting! Thinking I was going into KDU.

Oh yea, I didn't ask him that, my last reply was 'okay'.

So yea, I'm not going into KDU. I ended somewhere else instead =)


Caryn said...


Eunice said...

hehe.. yeah, surely God's plan for you is full of surprises.. u noe everythign happens for a reason rite?

suejane said...

Caryn you know where =)

Yes! Eunice! that's why I don't feel sad at all =)

wenn said...

Guess that happened for the better. All the best!