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Monday, August 2, 2010

What Dreams Are Made Of

When I was younger, to be a Veterinarian is my dream. I've always have this passion burning in me to help and save animals from cruelty and extinction, which includes all those wild animals as well.

So I got my first job in a Vet after SPM ♥!

Things went well, I enjoyed myself there. Getting the chance to touch and see many different types of breeds. Saint Bernard is HUGE! And I saw a cat which looks exactly like Garfield! And Yes! the cat's name is also Garfield!

During my two and a half months there, I learned a lot and I can seriously tell you the prescription drugs to get. Oh ya! Other than gaining working experience I do get souvenirs like this:

Hey! I dint photoshop kay! And I have Ailurophobia/Felinophobia meaning Fear of cats for sometime. I eventually overcome my fear! That is why you don't see me running away from cats when I see one or trying to get even with them.

Remember God has given us power to face our fears. With Him on our side, Faith speaks and fear runs away! =)

Next! To be a great guitarist like Avril and Orianthi! Yea, in my dreams, I've got a LOT to learn! But nothing is impossible right? Yea!

Lastly, one of my biggest dreams right now, is to be part of the 8TV QUICKIE Team! Maybe one day, hopefully I'll be sitting on the couch with one of them! Entertaining you guys and girls!

*picturing myself in the team* XD

So this is what my dreams are made of, what's yours? Just don't let those dreams of yours die of, who knows maybe someday it may come true.

'Whatever we can dream of, God's dream for us is a little bigger'

If you're still not convinced yet, here's a verse for you:
Jeremiah 29:11, I know what I'm doing. I have it all planned out- plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.


Eunice said...

nice post !! can't wait to see u on tv.. when u're on 8tv quickie, dun forget to tell me ya.. coz i seldom watch it.. but i'll start watching when u're in !! =)

lwaikeong said...

hey, you in mass comm field too! :)

Brother Captain Calvyn said...

keep d fire burnin!! XD
God be with u big sis!

wenn said...

all the best to u n may yr dreams come true!