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Monday, July 26, 2010

According To Him

Have you ever come across these words before?

Hey you're Stupid! You're Useless, Worthless!
Good for Nothing! You Can't Do anything right!
Unreliable! Wish you weren't born!

These words can hurt anyone. They will feel unworthy, has no purpose in life, thinking they are living in a world for no reason, the whole world hates them and the list goes on. Things get even worst if those words comes from the very mouth of their birth parents.

"Words are sharper than the sharpest sword"

BUT According to Him I'm accepted, significant
He can't get me out of His head
According to Him I'm secured, I've been set free
I'm everything He said that I am!

Yes! Its According To You by Orianthi, I edited a lil bit of it =)
You can watch her video here for the original lyrics:

So no matter what people may say or think about you, always remember this verse:
Romans 8:31-39, I am free from any condemnation brought against me and I cannot be separated from the love of God.



Karen said...

hey..i'm sure ur blog with be full of great posts le....continue blogging ya...hehez

Eunice said...

great post !!!! yup, we were all fearfully and wonderfully made by Him =)

wenn said...

we should think before we speak.