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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Welcome! ♥

Hey There! If anyone is reading =)
I'm very excited when i first got my own blog.
I will be updating my adventures that God had in plan for me.
Do drop by to keep yourself updated with His great plans that He had for this child of His =D


Eunice said...

hey shepherd !!! nice blog !!! nice blog layout!! cool blog name..was wondering what's four13 at 1st.. must be, philippians 4:13? hehe.. and i'm glad u've upgraded urself to white star =) keep updating..i'll be ur avid reader..hehe..

WhiteStar said...

LOST SHEEP!! you're the first commenter! XD
YES! Bingo!! it's a way to remind myself that i can do all things through Him who strengthens me all the time! =D Thank You for the encouragement!

ken said...


Ryn said...

i like this! = D

wenn said...

all the best!

Brother Captain Calvyn said...

yeahoo!!!! u got a blog! awesome!
dun 4get 2 chk mine out hehehe
btw, nice template! XD


smallkucing said...

happy blogging ! :D