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Monday, August 9, 2010

Man's Best Friend

I have three of them! It's always hard to get a good picture, when one pose well and the other one will move. So this is the best one so far! Because Dhurcy is so Cute in the picture!

I got May May the Boxer dog as my first dog!
And the second one is my little Dhurcy the Miniature Pinscher.
These two pictures were taken when they were about one year old in the year 2000.

Now both of them are already ten years old! After multiplying by seven, both of them are SEVENTY years old! WOW! So old right, that's why you can see white hairs all around. Do compare both pictures XD

May with her sleepy eyes. She'll always be my number one dog! Whenever I have problems, it's somehow good to tell her, even though it sounds weird to tell dogs your problem, I know they can't solve it for you but it's nice to see them listening to you.

Their effort trying to make me happy by licking, squeezing themselves nearer, putting its paw on my hip trying to tell me everything's gonna be alright, makes me happy. And Yea, she's hugable too!

This is Dhurcy, he falls sick most of time when he was younger (can actually see it from his face) and he likes attention very much. I remember crying over him thinking he's gonna die soon then I realize he's such a great pretender. Now I know his tricks, I will never fall for it again.

This is Teddy Bear when he was little. I got him from the vet where I was working.We actually found him in a box with his siblings in it. Then we discovered that Teddy has problems with his two hind legs.

I remembered Dr saying that she'll put him to sleep because no one would ever want him, I felt pity then decided to adopt him. Why? Because every living thing deserves a chance to live. So now here he is with me. From Teddy bear to Monster bear and now Jacob.

If you're wondering why he has so many names, you can ask me =)
For now Jacob because he reminds me of Jacob in Twilight. Macho dog!

Anyone wants to adopt him? He is very alert, very good guard dog, all he need is food, love and a place to live. He has very nice brown eyes and I fell in love with it.

One more thing, if you want to train your patience skill, you should get Jacob. He will train you well. Without him, I wouldn't be so patient.


Caryn said...

awww teddy bear = (
reli must give him away?
i still remember the time i saw him at the vet = (

WhiteStar said...

Yea.. I dont want to =(
i will try to change my dad's mind.

wenn said...

May May and Dhurcy are so cute..

Brother Captain Calvyn said...

doggies r soooo cuuuuuute!!!!