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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In the Mind

Yesterday was a good day!
We celebrated Bridget's Birthday with a Bang! *she's surprised!*

On the other side,
I was really relief that I did all my research and readings on Monday. Really Thank God! At the same time, I think it wasn't enough even though I understood most of the things said today. Buck up Jane!

I really don't like the fact that I keep arguing and reasoning myself *most of the time* especially when I'm stressed, occupied or down. I think it all started with one issue or a problem that leads to another, which gets bigger and bigger. Though I don't think it's much of an issue, the topic is just brought up just for the fact that I wasn't really satisfied with it.

That is when the dominance side of me fights against the steadiness in me.
I get so dominant that I want this this this and that, but the steadiness side of me will console myself that it is okay and I shouldn't be and feel that way. Talking of self empathy. So I'll just assume most of this are just words without thoughts. Just so you know that I do think a lot and struggle myself going against myself.

On the bright side!
I finally experienced the thick fog on Monday morning around 3:43am when I was on my way home from the LRC. It was so thick that I thought I was blind. You really can't see the things ahead of you. Quite interesting I must say!

1 comment:

wenn said...

oh my, you went back that careful.

you should put too much stress on yourself..

reason out what you need to do with proper thinking and don't worry too much..

just do you best..'Buat habis Baik'!

take care and study well..