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Sunday, February 17, 2013

5 Months!

The day is extending! *Grins*
Previously the sun goes down before 4pm, now its around 5-ish..

- If you've not known now, I have decided to fast Facebook and Twitter until the 25th of March for HOPE FEST and my dog.
- So do send me an email or whatsapp if you have anything to update me *smiles*
- In case of emergency, PLEASE CALL ME! 07746150969
- I think by fasting both the social media gave me much more time for myself and people, which is good, but hopefully I don't misuse the time with something not useful like YouTube.
- It snowed last week! Guess it will be the last one?
- I'm over pressuring myself for this semester I think, sometimes I don't even know what to do
- I've grown fatter? I've got myself a double chin! *screams*
- I am still stuck in thinking of a topic/title for my online journalism blog *Help!*
- Don't know what advertisement to make as well!
- No idea of making a web site for my University's Mass Communication page!
- I love this Family of God! Thank God for them!
- Gave chocolates during LOVE Day!
I received one on that day itself from my course mate, quite unexpected actually.
- My neighbor brought his girlfriend here and you know what will happen next
- hmm, phlegmatic and choleric?

We recorded a Birthday video for Bridget today! Enjoy!


wenn said...

well, pray for May. She will definitely be fine. I'm put her dressing everyday. Hope she recovers soon.

Don't stress up yourself. Just take one thing at a time.

wenn said...

love your video..just watched it a moment ago. :)