This Is A Story Of A Girl Who Cried A River And Drowned The Whole World!

Thursday, December 27, 2012


You don’t get huge victories without huge battles.

- Will you be surprised if I told you this was my very first caroling? I was very excited about it and during the second day of caroling, I get the opportunity to play the guitar, with a senior of course. Honestly, when I came over, I really thought that I won't get the chance to serve again. But now I really Thank God for the opportunity He had given me.

Christmas Carol Concert
- Everything went smoothly, Thank God! I joined the choir group, and we sang 2 carol songs. Boy, I can tell you that I miss the practices that we normally have on every Mondays. After the event, we went to McD for supper. While everyone or most was enjoying their food and fellowship, I was having a great time catching up Christine (old school mate) we talked non-stop.

Pre Camp
- I stayed over at Caryn's place aka Power House for Praise and Worship practice. Again, really Thank God for the opportunity to serve in one of the session. I am super rusty. Also, the weather here enhance the perspiration of my palms. Imagine playing halfway, it became so slippery. Then the night ended with a good pillow talk with Sue Jan (Yeap, you read it right, just without an 'e').

Church Camp! 
- I think I only had 2 hours of sleep the night before, but it didn't stopped me from being super excited and hyper in the bus. I can really tell you that I enjoyed catching up with Christine throughout the journey. But the worst part has yet to come, my battery was running low when we were about to reach. All in all, in most camps you won't get enough sleep and you don't mind staying up chatting and playing Saboteur. So on the first night and first Praise & Worship session, I had fun but I made some mistakes (reminder: I'm doing it for God). Also, throughout the camp I was reminded of the very first time I stepped into HOPE fellowship and how I came to know about this family (I love this family of God) I really do.

Post Camp
- I fell sick on the 3rd month I was here. Down with fever, flu and sore throat. And the most stressing part wasn't the sickness but the assignment due at 4pm! Surprisingly, I was filled with peace and my progress was fast, then later I received a messaged saying that I will have to put my work on hold for awhile (puzzled) I hear people calling out at my window to open the door (let me tell you, I really didn't expect people to come all the way to pray for me, cooked porridge for me and made honey lemon for me) Thank You Daddy God for all my brothers and sisters in Christ!

Wednesday 19th
- I missed bible study because I was still sick. And the most interesting thing that happened was hearing weird sounds. Not what you think but the sound of pleasurable love. Really can't believe I was listening to it, and Ben is only 19 this year (my flatmate staying beside me). Anyway, I was more touched that I got porridge from Caryn and Bridget, not forgetting the deliverers - Hannah and Ariel was soak in rain (awwh).

Thursday 20th
- Alex gave me his leftover eggs and lend me his hard disk so I won't get bored over the holidays. But those weird sounds are getting on my nerves (yes, again and again and again) distracting my work.

Winter Wonderland
- So I only had 2 hours of sleep, gatto finish up my assignment before leaving to Winter Wonderland in London. During my 'break time' I decided to check Facebook and the first news I saw was regarding Hammie - He past away. Initially I didn't believe, but after a few minutes pictures were up and I couldn't stand but to mourn (I know it's just a Hamster but it has a special place in my heart) Being so depressed, I later received an email regarding the result of a group coursework with only 62% 'sigh' and my day became even worst when I read the feedback from the lecturer that we didn't submit our slides and I was the one in charged to submit (I did submit but apparently we must submit together with the report, not separately - it was settled in the end) One after another, I'm glad it was all over, we went to Winter Wonderland and I only get to sit a ride (a ride that I get to scream my hearts out) Yea, I feel so much better after that. Come to think of it, I really Thank God for caring people like Caryn. After much excitement we went back to Hatfield and watch White Chicks together at Power House.

Saturday 22nd
- I stayed over at Hilary's place the night before after White Chicks. Woke up late and had late lunch cooked by Christine! 

Sunday 23rd
- Sunday service at St John, normally it's in campus. Later in the evening we celebrated Jessie's birthday. And let me just tell you that random stuff can just happen and we decided to watch Life of Pi after that. From this day onwards my sleeping time is like an owl. 

Fun Fact
- If you have realized, in a fellowship like HELP CF, HOPE and etc etc we prolong our goodbyes every single time. We can say up to a 100 byes and hugs but still feel reluctant to leave. Now you can understand why Moses took 40 years to lead the Israelites to the Promise Land (just saying).


Justin said...

That's an interesting fun fact there!

wenn said...

glad that you join HOPE over there. It gives you plenty of chance to know and meet people. Time there would be a great experience for you and you would definitely cherish those fantastic moments throughout your life. Be happy and study well too! Take care of your health too!