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Thursday, December 27, 2012


Christmas isn't Christmas till it happens in your heart.

This hat actually kept me head warm.

Christmas Eve
- We had Christmas Eve dinner in church! Saboteur all the way! And everyone kept asking me how was my white Christmas, sadly it isn't snowing here. After the dinner we head over to Ream's place and got home at 4something in the morning.Well, at least we did something different after counting down. 

No White Christmas
- While everyone was telling and asking how was their Christmas and hope you enjoy your Christmas/White Christmas, it's actually quite sad over here. No place to go because most shops are closed. So the only place to go was to Hilary's place. While she was at work, Christine and I decorated her door with sticky notes (random idea that just came up).
- hope she likes it *smiles*
- Then we went over to Power House for fellowship, played CSI. I tell you, it was fun in the beginning, but during the ending part - your brain can literally burst I tell you, maybe it's just me, low in IQ - but at least I guessed the right culprit in the end! *whee* We went home at around 5am, I enjoyed listening to the birds chirping, admiring the bright moon and stars - all these no matter how well you try to capture it in a camera, it still can't be compared with our very own eyes. Things that can't be captured but to be admired.

Wednesday 26th
- A very well spent half day with Hannah - company and dinner.

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wenn said...

I'm glad you have good friends over there. Great to experience Christmas there.