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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hello December!

Time is of the essence! And December is already here!

Hello Mummy!
I only know my mom reads my blog *wink*
Sorry for not updating for awhile, let me share some highlights..

So Surreal!
Last Monday on the 26th November, Caryn Ng messaged to asked for my mom's name. I felt a lil bit weird, why would someone suddenly got so interested about my mom's name. Then, only to found out that our moms were actually schoolmates! My mom was contacting her mom all the while to find out more about Hatfield and the UK! The worst part was that my mom wanted to give me Caryn's number just in case I got lost or needed help, and to my stubbornness of not wanting to trouble anyone, I said no. So all the while thinking of who that person was and the possibilities of meeting up would be impossible, I somehow forget about it. And well well, little to my surprise! HOPE brought us together! This totally made my day! The funny thing was that we both contacted each other through Facebook from Christine. WOW moment for me!

Friendliest Cat!
On the 29th, when I was walking back from practice, I saw this fat fluffy black and white cat sitting beside the pathway. As the normal usual me, I started calling the cat and to my surprise, the cat responded! It was the friendliest and manja-est cat I've ever met in UK so far! The rest are just pure scary cats..

Also, in the morning my web design lecturer gave out our marks for our second assignment. I got 63. Well, dropped 5% if compared to the first assignment. Needless to say, but to Thank God for it! I actually never expected to have more than 60 but less than that. And to my surprise as well, lecturer told me that the web looked professional *whoa* except for the animated Flash of course *Click to see*

Cooperative Flatmates!
Remember me complaining about them at one point? Well, I really Thank God for showing me the other side of them as well. It was on the 30th Friday. The English group of the college lane Fellowship was in charged to prepare dinner, so they decided to cook over at my place. So what I did to inform my flatmates was through a written note pasted on the kitchen door. Honestly, I wasn't expecting anything from them but to stay out from the kitchen from 4pm-7pm. And you know what, they cleaned and tidied up the kitchen for us! I was so shocked and touched! Really Thank God for them. After that night, I had a really good catch up with James an Maddie.

Last but not least!

On the first of December, I attended church jamming session and prayer meeting as well. I've never felt so much joy in serving Him before. Not that I hadn't had before, I had it but I can't remember when and I lost the feeling of it after not serving for sometime when I first came here. I played the guitar, then the drums! *whoa* Never knew I could because I've never played the drum in services before even though I've picked up drumming. Prayer meeting was a reminder that He is always with me no matter where I am and what I'm doing, like even now when I'm typing this, He is just right beside me, watching over me.

All in all, THANK YOU LORD!
Can't wait for caroling! We're starting tomorrow! *excited*

You have allowed me to suffer much hardship, but you will restore me to life again and lift me up from the depths of the earth. Psalm 71:20


wenn said...

it's amazing that both of you finally met..
you didn't take a picture of the cat?
anyone can if the want to..
would love to see you play..any recordings?

wenn said...

at least you achieved what you had expected..
never could do better next time.

lost sheep said...

happy to read your updates! =)