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Monday, December 12, 2011


tell you something,

I was actually speechless when my name was called out. Throughout my years I have never won anything from a lucky draw and last Saturday was my first! Happy? Excited? I think my family especially my brother was more excited than I am. Really Thank God for the early Christmas present!

Actually, I don't know how I get it, but let me share what really happened on that day.

          I went for an event to support my friends who were in the Finals for the Masters of Rev Up. Then as usual there will be lucky draws an all, so you have to fill up your name, number, email and there the piece of paper from your ticket. Before that my friends and I were talking about lucky draws that all 3 of us had never won once before. And I remember telling one of my friend if he wins the iPad2, do give it to me.

          So the event started, lucky draws were given out, not all at ones but after every activity there's one or two lucky draws. At one point, *try to imagine in my point of view kay* I was asking God, how nice if I get something from the lucky draws but sure no chance one, but during every draws I was actually asking and telling God, let it me my name on the piece of water, see see tak dapat, on every draws I have hopping it was my name until the very last lucky draw, the Grand prize- iPad2! In my mind, sure no hope already one but at the same time, I know with God miracle would happen and I was imagining my name on the piece of paper slides into the hands of the person who's randomly picking out names.

         Suddenly! the MC said, "Wooi" *in my mind, why is he so shocked? Or is it my name? And I pretended that nothing happened*

Then the MC continues," I'm not making fun of that person but it is that person's sir name," *is it really me???? Shouldn't be la har, maybe there is another Wooi or Ooi out there, don't so perasan la, continue pretending nothing happen*

MC: and the lucky person to win an iPad2 is........... Wooi Sue Jane!!!
me: Stunt! *Wow-ed* ran and got my prize! - I was actually speechless and so... you know!!

Isn't He an Awesome Daddy God!


+Shane+ said...

A warmest Congratulations!!! White Star or should I call you (Sue Jane?)

wenn said... happy! congrats!

Eunice said...

gave me goosebumps reading the ending part while he read ur name.. so happy for you sue jane !!!!!