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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Free Blouse

I read about these free blouses from a blog. Usually I don’t like to participate in this kind of giveaway. But this time, I was attracted to those lovely blouses. So I wrote in to Malaysia Online Boutique. But there are certain requirement to be fulfilled before we can participate.

First of all, a blog needs to be at least 3 months old and has regular postings. At least a post a week. The blog needs to be of decent quality too. 

If you think you are qualified, then send your blog URL to Malaysia Online Boutique. Once you get  their green light, you can go ahead and write about them and their giveaway.

You need to write at least 500 words before you post it. After that, write to Malaysia Online Boutique to inform them. Then they would contact the sponsor ie Irenelim Fashion and you would soon receive a free blouse from her.

Yes, the blouse would be free but you need to pay for the postage:

Klang Valley: RM6
West Malaysia: RM8
Sarawak: RM10
Sabah: RM11

There are quite a number of blouses to choose from IrenelimFashion list.
Besides this great giveaway, we can read for information at Malaysia Online Boutique. We can also start shopping online at Irenelim Fashion.

So what are you waiting? Go to Malaysia Online Boutique and read. There are plenty of dressing tips for us.

I simply love the fashion tips:

I love the article, “What You Wear is What You Are.”

"Eco-friendly and organic-made garments equals to earth-loving individuals
If you’re normally seen wearing anything that is eco-friendly and organic-made, chances are people might think that you’re an environmental lover who cares about the earth and nature. This might not necessarily be the case for you but since it’s something that is positive, why not just embrace it? You’ll definitely get a positive public image, and people would instantly assume that you’re a caring individual who’s deeply passionate about planet earth and its well-being."

And I also like this article:

"Pink, polka dots, floral prints are for girly girls and sissies
The items mentioned are not strictly for women only, as there are plenty of men out there (regardless of sexual orientation) who are into them. However, there are still some narrow-minded people who think that these items belonged only to girly and feminine individuals and those who are deemed unfit to wear any of these items are viewed as an abnormal person who needs psychiatric evaluation. Although it might be rather odd, overly-quirky or even amiss to see a man in such fashion items, it’s the 21st century and anything goes nowadays."
And so much more:

But I won’t tell you all here. You just got to see for yourself.  Why are you still waiting? Visit Malaysia Online Boutique now and it’s so easy to participate. I have chosen this blouse for myself. I would like to thank Malaysia Online Boutique and Irenelim Fashion in advance for this special giveaway!