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Friday, January 14, 2011


As usual while waiting for the lift, I'll look out the window to enjoy the 'scenery' around HELP Residence.

Then I saw something colorful along the roadside.. *curious*
I went back and grab my camera..

Zoom in.. And saw..

Humans! *laughs*
Haiya, I knew they were students from MAHSA waiting for their bus.

Somehow I got attracted to the colors of their umbrella, so colorful! And each one of them have different colors.. Nice!

Oh, and this is random..
My aim for this semester is to achieve >3.5 for my CGPA.

Go For GOLD babeh~!


wenn said...

you can do it! just put in more effort.

Isaac Tan said...

lol, all different colored umbrellas.

Good luck in your studies ya !

wen said...

Hey!! Evon here!! Xp.. So have you achieve >3.5 for CGPA?

WhiteStar said...

Hi Evon! nolar, only got 3.25.. My aim for this sem is >3.5 =)

Eunice said...

the thought of u going back to ur room to get the camera just to zoom in to see what the colourful thing was made me wanna laugh!! haha.. so random and yeah, quite funny too.. they have a plain coloured umbrella each eh? hehe.. oh u got 3.25? wow..not bad !! gambateh..u're close to 3.5!!