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Sunday, January 16, 2011

F Cup?

Facebook. People have been using it as their marketing tool as well..

Like this one..

What is that ah? The good thing about Facebook is that you're allowed to tag people all over the picture and there's a limit not more than 50..

Okay, back to the picture.
I'll summarize what they wrote.

It's actually from Japan. It helps you if you're on your diet plan and enhance your breast size as well. O.O

Ingredients in it suppress your cravings and it says it's safe to be eaten because of it's natural ingredients. hmm..

What caught me most is this word, 'Swelling agent'. *scary*

At the end of the paragraph they wrote this,
How to enjoy it: Please have two cookies per a day
* If you are pregnant or nursing, you better not to try it.

So.. Are you interested?
Oh! And don't misunderstand! I'm not promoting this product at all!

You don't know the side effects of it.

In conclusion, natural is the BEST! *smiles*

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