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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Unexpected

You're living in a hostel in your college or university.

As usual you would do all your normal routines, not realizing something would go missing. Because you feel so safe and secure.

But What would you do if you lost something?

Weird but True.

At the very beginning, when I first came to HELP Residence, I thought it was safe. Because of the swap in and out card that they had and the cameras are almost everywhere. Well, I don't know whether the cameras are there for show or it's really working.

On the first day, I came to put my things, then I locked my cupboard.
The next day, when I came to put more things I realized that my cupboard was forced open. Then I thought it was okay. After a few days when I drop by again before returning back to Ipoh, it was forced open again.

I don't know why but I ignored it because nothing was missing. Then I didn't bother locking it after that.

When I first stayed there, my roommate told me that her cupboard was forced open as well but nothing was missing. Then I thought it was okay.
She also told me that the cleaner came in to clean the room maybe because I was going to shift in.

Then it got me thinking, was it the cleaner the one who forced open the cupboard? Maybe. I just ignored it.

After staying here for two months, nothing happened until recently.

First object missing. A Mentos cool chews orange mint. I realized it was missing when I came back from Ipoh. I thought it was okay, because its just a sweet. Maybe I ate it but I know that I didn't eat it, I have a very good memory in what I do.

Second, it happened on the 11th November midnight I think. I reloaded RM50 into my wallet. Then there's RM61 in it. The very next day, I woke up as usual and went to class. Then I don't know why I opened up my wallet, usually I don't do that in class. To my surprise, my RM51 is missing!

I was stunned! I never lost any money before. Then I started thinking and flashing back on what I've spent on. I am really sure that I dint spend off my RM51.
After class, I came back and search high and low but it was no where to be found.

Again, I thought to myself. I might drop it somewhere or maybe I'm careless. So it's okay. I ignored it. But the funny thing is, why leave RM10 for me when you can take all of it? Weird.

Third one. 12th November, my roommate brought her friend and she'll be staying over. Nothing happened.

13th November, I slept around 1.55AM. I felt tired after doing my slides. I shouldn't have slept. Around midnight, I realized someone came back, but at that time I was half awake. So I didn't really bother, I thought my roommate came back so I slept back but woke up again to see how she is. Then she was on the bed.

But apparently, it wasn't her. It was her friend. My roommate came back after that. I woke up out of sudden, I know it was late, so I turn over to check the time on my phone. But it was missing!

I search for it under my pillow and around my bed. I couldn't find it, so I continue lying on my bed thinking that my phone might fell under my bed. But I felt something was wrong, so I woke up and look for it. IT WAS REALLY MISSING!

Then I asked my roommate to try calling my phone, then she says that the number is unavailable. I was speechless, I really don't know how to react. I was actually quite calm but I have a feeling that my phone will never be found again.

It was around 5 something in the morning. Then I went online straight, tweeted my mom and brother. Thank God one of my course mate is still awake, she helped me messaged my mom. Mom tried calling around 7AM and she couldn't get me as well.

Cut story short. It was supposed to be great day out with my family, but this thing makes it dull for me. And after my parents reach here, their car broke down because the battery knob broke. Things just went wrong that day.

All I can do is just uphold them to Daddy God. Thank God that my mom's friend brought the foreman here. So we went out after having Mcd.
*I realize that I eat a lot when I'm down*

For the first time, I can see my dad trying to make me happy after so many years! Dad actually called me after he reached Ipoh, he told me to be careful, take care and don't worry. I nearly teared, but I hold them back. He made my day!

And my mom, I was shocked when she told me not to worry, just pray and God bless you. She made my day better as well! Not forgetting the Haagen Dazs too.

All in all, I know everything happen for a reason. Even though I have lots of unanswered question on WHY and HOW. But one thing's for sure, I know one day I'll see all these puzzles coming together.

I really Thank God that nothing else happen like rape or murder. Thank God that I'm still alive and unharmed.

Things are just materials, is He testing me on them? So far, I think I pass them. I really hope that there's nothing else bigger. I'm worried more of my roommate's safety and I more than the things that were lost.

I don't know who did this but I choose to trust my roommate. I know He put me here for a reason to help her out in her spiritual growth and everything else.

I know the high chances that you all might suspect is my roommate, it's okay. I'll still choose to believe her. *smiles*

Thank You for all of your concerns! Especially my parents. ♥


Fiona said...

Maybe it's time you buy a safe. So happy to know that you can take this so optimistically. God is great! Everything happens for a reason. Go go jia you!!! Me here will always support you!!! :):)

*hugs and kisses*

Fiona said...
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wenn said...

things happen but once bitten , twice shy so be careful and alert..

Eunice said...

hey.. didn't know so many things happened even from the very first day... i'm glad that you're still clinging on to the faith you have in God even when times are bad.. don't let go of that for He will never let you go =)

yup, one day you'll see why all these happened.. im in fact seeing part of it.. it's alarming you to be extra extra careful no matter how secure places or people may be.. and you're so blessed that your family was there for you when u really needed them =)

oh yeah, is it possible to add a latch to ur door or sumting?can only lock and open from the inside.. at least no one can enter when u're in the room..

anyway, i'm encouraged reading your post =) and i'm so proud of my shepherdy too..that u can take it so positively... as the bible says- in all things, give thanks =)

WhiteStar said...

THANK YOU Fiona, Mommy and Sheepy!!

Fiona: *hugs and kisses back*

Mommy: okay =)

Sheepy: Yeap! If the management don't install it, i'll install myself =)