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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Great Exciting Day!

Do you like starting a random conversation with a stranger?

I know it sounds weird but, hey! It's fun and nice getting to know more people living around you!

I started out in HELP Residence when I was in the lift.

I felt the urge to start a conversation with any random person whom I meet. Like, "Hi!" "How are you?"
"Where are you from?"
"What course are you taking?" And I get really excited when I meet another Ipohian!

Obviously, I think it was quite shocking for the other person. They must be thinking this girl is crazy! But who knows! You might make someone's day! *grins*

Today, when I reached Ipoh. While waiting for my mom, a Granny came and sat next to me. At first I was busy with my phone calling then later I got bored. When I look at her, and at the same time she she was looking at me, so I smiled =) and she smiled back! =D

Then I saw her rubbing her leg, so I asked, "kaki sakit?"
"Ya, sudah tua, tak boleh berdiri lama sangat."
Our conversation went on until she shared about her family. I wanted to offer a prayer for her, but she's a malay. So I just lend my ears and listened to all her problems.

She's so Cute! Her husband is so cute as well! You know, old people somehow, they have cute round faces! *laughs*

My mom came, so I bid farewell and shakes hand with her. *smiles*

We went to Old Town Kopitiam for dinner. Our number one spot, when we want food immediately! *drools*

After ordering, this guy from the next table came and asked me something in mandarin, so I replied him. "Wo pu ming pai hua yu." *paiseh*

Luckily, he knows English. Cut story short, his girlfriend and him wants to visit Ipoh's Cave and how to get back to his place, where to get supper. I offered him a ride to Parade since there's no taxi to be found.

Then I gave him my number and email, And you know what! This couple actually paid for our meals! It's Rm60++ wei! I didn't suspect anything when he was paying the bills.

If you're wondering, they're from Singapore =)

Oh ya! Check out his website -

I know everything happen for a reason =) There's more, ask me if you want to know all of it. Have a Great day! God bless.


wenn said...

haha, save my pocket for the day!

ken said...

it's like SGD20+ only.. cheap for them :)

WhiteStar said...

Yeap! haha.. It was great getting to know them =)